TUG 2012 - Program & participants

Please register online for the conference. See the conference home page for dates, deadlines, and more information.

The conference booklet with abstracts and preprints, and other conference information, is available online. It will also be handed out on site. The preprints (in PDF) are also linked below to the talks where they are available.

Sunday, July 15

4-6pm Opening reception (Kennedy Room, lobby level)

Monday, July 16

9:00amSteve Peter Opening
9:15amAmy Hendrickson The wonders of \csname (pdf)
10:15amFrank Mittelbach E-TeX: Guidelines for future TeX extensions, revisited
11:15amSteve Peter Metafont as a design tool
11:35amWill Robertson The lineage and progeny of fontspec and unicode-math
1:20pmgroup photo
1:30pmBruno Delprat & Stephan Orevkov MayaPS: Typing Maya hieroglyphics with (La)TeX (pdf)
2:15pmSherif Mansour & Hossam Fahmy Experience with Arabic and LuaTeX
3:05pmNorbert Preining Typesetting with Kanji—Japanese typography
3:45pmFederico Garcia TeX and Music
4:25pmDavid Walden My Boston: Some printing and publishing history (pdf)

after hours Herbert Schulz, Workshop: Introduction to TeXShop
                  Steve Peter et al., Workshop: Installing LuaTeX

Tuesday, July 17

9:00amTroy Henderson User-friendly web utilities for generating LaTeX output and MetaPost graphics
9:40amRichard Koch The MacTeX install package (pdf)
10:00amBill Cheswick An iTeX Update
10:40amPeter Flynn A university thesis class: Automation and its pitfalls (pdf)
11:20amDavid Latchman Preparing your thesis in LaTeX
1:00pmBoris Veytsman TeX and friends on a Pad
1:40pmBart Childs LaTeX source from word processors (pdf)
2:40pmFederico Garcia Documentation in TeXnicolor
3:20pmJim Hefferon & Michael Doob Reaching for the stars with Asymptote
4:00pmDavid Walden, moderator Roundtable discussion: TeX consulting; Flynn, Hendrickson, Latchman, Thiele, Peter, and Veytsman

6:00pm Banquet, The Oceanaire Seafood Room (vegetarian and non-seafood options will be available too).

Wednesday, July 18

9:00amPavneet Arora Sleep de(p)rived typesetting
9:40amBob Neveln & Bob Alps Adapting ProofCheck to the author's needs
10:40amChristina Thiele Almost 30 years of using TeX
11:20amWill Robertson & Frank Mittelbach LaTeX3: From local to global—a brief history and recent developments
1:00pmBoris Veytsman & Leyla Akhmadeeva Towards evidence-based typography: First results
1:40pmNorbert Preining TeX Live 2012: Recent developments
2:40pmDidier Verna Star TeX, the Next Generation
3:20pmTUG meeting; q&a


  1. Robert Alps, Evanston, IL
  2. Pavneet Arora, Ontario, Canada
  3. Rohan Attele, Chicago State University
  4. Michael Barr, McGill University
  5. Nelson Beebe, University of Utah
  6. Barbara Beeton, AMS
  7. Karl Berry, TeX Users Group
  8. Bill Cheswick
  9. Bart Childs, Texas A&M University
  10. Daniel Comenetz, Belmont, MA
  11. Julie Conroy, IDA/CCS, Laurel, MD
  12. Jack Creilson, American Meteorological Society
  13. J. Michael Dean, University of Utah
  14. Sue DeMeritt, Center for Communications Research, La Jolla, CA
  15. Michael Doob, University of Manitoba
  16. Julie Doring, Project Euclid–Duke University Press
  17. Sadeq Elbaneh, Lackawanna, NY
  18. Peter Flynn, University College Cork
  19. Federico Garcia, Alia Musica Pittsburgh
  20. Steve Grathwohl, Duke University Press
  21. Matthew Hacker, American Meteorological Society
  22. Michele Hake, American Physical Society
  23. Jim Hefferon, Saint Michael's College
  24. Troy Henderson, University of Mobile
  25. Amy Hendrickson, TeXnology Inc.
  26. Klaus Höppner, DANTE e.V.
  27. Ned Hummel, IUPUI
  28. John Kitzmiller, Norwich, VT
  29. Richard Koch, University of Oregon
  30. Robin Laakso, TeX Users Group
  31. David Latchman, TeXnical Designs
  32. Philippe Baril Lecavalier, Concordia University
  33. Richard Leigh, St. Albans, UK
  34. Sherif Mansour, Cairo University
  35. Wendy McKay, Pasadena, CA
  36. Frank Mittelbach, LaTeX3 Project
  37. Robert Moody, Victoria, BC
  38. Bob Neveln, Widener University
  39. Brian Papa, American Meteorological Society
  40. Steve Peter, TeX Users Group
  41. Cheryl Ponchin, Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  42. Norbert Preining, JAIST
  43. Peter Pupalaikis, Ramsey, NJ
  44. Thomas Ratajczak, German Army
  45. Will Robertson, University of Adelaide
  46. Herbert Schulz, Naperville, IL
  47. Heidi Sestrich, Carnegie Mellon University
  48. Charles Shooshan, Newington, CT
  49. William Slough, Eastern Illinois University
  50. Michael Sofka, RPI
  51. David Tellet, Alexandria, VA
  52. Christina Thiele, Carleton Production Centre
  53. Didier Verna, EPITA
  54. Boris Veytsman, George Mason University
  55. Bruno Voisin, CNRS & University of Grenoble
  56. Herbert Voß, DANTE e.V.
  57. David Walden, E. Sandwich, MA
  58. Alan Wetmore, US Army Research Lab
  59. Patrick Weyer, Medfield, MA
  60. Christine Wujick, Alexandria, VA

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