TUG 2003: the Silver Anniversary -- 25 Years! -- of TeX
Manuscript (Paper and/or Slides) Submissions
Dear Speakers,


First Draft Due: Feb 9, 2003
Final Paper Due: Jun 9, 2003
Maximum length of paper: 10 pages

The macros that are available for download are in LaTeX format; LaTeX2e. The latest version is April 9, 2002.

(We will also accept papers in plain TeX but for reasons of expediency we would prefer that you use LaTeX.)

The documentation is described in ltubguid.ltx and instructions can be found in the README file.

Please use for LaTeX, the `preprint' option:

or, for PLAIN
\input tugproc.sty

You may disregard the LaTeX instructions in the plain TeX documentation. This is for LaTeX2.09. LaTeX users should be using the LaTeX2e macros.


Slides Due: Jul 1, 2003

If you are not submitting a paper for publication in the proceedings, we would like to have a .pdf version of the slides available for posting online at the time of the conference.

Please submit all your files (.tex, .eps, .pdf) by the due dates to:

Thank You.
The Program Committee

Note to Authors: Submission Form and Guidelines

At the time of the conference, we would like to post the Preprints and make them available to members who cannot attend the meeting.

When making your submission, please complete the Author Submission Form.

It would help us tremendously in the final preparation of TUGboat articles for the WWW if you would take a minute to read the Author Guidelines in the report on Preparation of documents for multiple modes of delivery -- Notes from TUG '99 by Ross Moore, and follow the advice therein.

Author Submission Form.
Author Guidelines.