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TUG 2007 Proceedings (San Diego, California)

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TUG 2007
TUG 2007: A few words 
  Tim Arnold      [Introductory — informal report from TUG 2007, with photos]
Between then and now—A meandering memoir 
  Peter Wilson      [Introductory — review of typography and typesetting from Sumeria to the present]
The STIX Project—From Unicode to fonts 
  Barbara Beeton      [Intermediate — supporting mathematics in Unicode, including creating the necessary fonts]
Fonts for every language: SIL's font projects and the Open Font License 
  Jonathan Kew      [Introductory — overview of SIL's font-related initiatives]
Software & Tools
Dual presentation with math from one source using GELLMU 
  William Hammond      [Intermediate Plus — LaTeX-like markup that can produce high-quality printed and online output]
  Taco Hoekwater      [Intermediate — an overview of embedding the Lua scripting language into TeX]
ConTeXt MkIV: Going UTF 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate — development of Unicode support in LuaTeX]
MPlib: MetaPost as a reusable component 
  Taco Hoekwater, Hans Hagen      [Intermediate — an overview of recasting MetaPost as a shared library]
Extending TeX and Metafont with floating-point arithmetic 
  Nelson Beebe      [Advanced — floating-point history, problems, and futures]
Support for multiple TeX distributions in i-Installer and MacTeX 
  Richard Koch      [Intermediate — a preference pane to switch between extant MacOSX TeX distributions]
Design decisions for a structured front end to LaTeX 
  Barry MacKichan      [Intermediate — XML, XSLT, OpenType, and more as a basis for TeX development]
MathType 6.0's TeX input for MS Word and Wikipedia 
  Paul Topping      [Intermediate — combining point-and-click with typed TeX input in MathType]
CrossTeX: A modern bibliography management tool 
  Robert Burgess, Emin Gün Sirer      [Intermediate — a new bibliography tool written in Python, upward-compatible with BibTeX]
Typesetting tables with LaTeX 
  Klaus Höppner      [Introductory — introduction to making tables in LaTeX]
Programming with PerlTeX 
  Andrew Mertz, William Slough      [Intermediate Plus — combining LaTeX and Perl, described in a graduated series of examples]
LaTeX conversion into normalized forms and speech 
  Eitan Gurari      [Intermediate Plus — translating LaTeX into speech forms such as jsMath, SSML, ACSS]
TUG 2007 abstracts 
  David Allen, Donald DeLand, Hans Hagen, Idris Hamid, Jim Hefferon, Morten Høgholm, Roberto Ierusalimschy, Jonathan Kew, Leonard Rosenthol, Chris Rowley, Ari Stern 
ConTeXt basics for users: Table macros 
  Aditya Mahajan      [Introductory — introduction to making tables in ConTeXt]
TUG Business
A roadmap for TeX development 
  TeX Development Fund committee 
Random comments 
  TUGboat Editors 
         Errata: Lars Hellström, “Writing ETX format font encoding specifications”, TUGboat 28:2, pp.186–197
         DEK's periodic bug review
         “Off-site” complement to TUG2007 proceedings
         Other comments on the TUG2007 proceedings
         TeX Development Fund
         EuroBachoTeX proceedings to be the first 2008 TUGboat issue
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Springer: More Math Into LaTeX; von Hoerner&Sulger; O'Reilly   381 
MacKichan: Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word; Addison-Wesley: The LaTeX Graphics Companion   382 
Cheryl Ponchin Training; Carleton Production Centre; Design Science: MathType6   383 
TeX consulting and production services   384 

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