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EuroBachoTeX 2007 Proceedings

This special issue of TUGboat was produced in collaboration with DANTE e.V. and GUST.

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Title page   
EuroTeX 2007
EuroTeX 2007 conference delegates and sponsors   
EuroTeX 2007 program   
EuroBachoTeX 2007: Paths to the Future 
  Jerzy Ludwichowski, Petr Sojka      [Introductory — introduction to the conference and proceedings]
EuroTeX 2007 photos   
Confessions of a teenage TeX user 
  Sam Guravage      [Introductory — report on the talk, with photos]
Handmade paper: A mixture of handcraft, art and fun 
  Grażyna Jackowska      [Introductory — report on a papermaking workshop, with photos]
Designing a special book: With both pleasure and … fear 
  Andrzej Tomaszewski      [Introductory — creation of a commemorative edition for the Warsaw Waterworks jubilee]
         High-resolution pdf.
Enumerations as an interesting form of text appearance 
  Dorota Cendrowska      [Introductory — classical and modern formatting of enumerations]
Five years after: Report on international TeX font projects 
  Jerzy Ludwichowski, Bogusław Jackowski, Janusz Nowacki      [Introductory — status and samples of these two major font projects]
Cyklop: A new font family 
  Janusz Nowacki      [Introductory — a heavy sans serif oblique for titling and displays]
Do we need a font system in TeX? 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate — reflections on the font system in TeX generally, ConTeXt specifically, and coming changes]
OpenType fonts in LuaTeX 
  Taco Hoekwater      [Intermediate — overview of the state of reading OpenType directly from LuaTeX]
Font-specific issues in pdfTeX 
  Hàn Thế Thành      [Intermediate — microtypography, letterspacing, interword spacing, character kerning, subfont, runpdftex]
Those obscure accents … 
  Karel Horák      [Introductory — discussion and comparison of the many versions of caron (háček) accents]
Creation of a PostScript Type1 logo font with MetaType1 
  Klaus Höppner      [Intermediate — tutorial for implementing a font with MetaType1]
Procedures for font comparison 
  Karel Píška      [Intermediate Plus — tools and examples for detailed comparison of glyphs, kerns, and more]
Comments and suggestions about the Latin Modern fonts 
  Karel Píška      [Intermediate Plus — comparisons among Latin Modern, Computer Modern, and the Czech/Slovak CS fonts]
The GUST Font License: An application of the LaTeX Project Public License 
  Jerzy Ludwichowski, Karl Berry      [Introductory — using the LPPL (with an additional request) for fonts]
A brief history of TeX, volume II 
  Arthur Reutenauer      [Introductory — recapitulation of TeX origins, evolution, and descendants]
Overview of the TeX historic archive 
  Ulrik Vieth      [Introductory — preserving TeX distributions and packages for software archaeologists]
TeX Clinic 
  Joanna Ludmiła Ryćko      [Introductory — overview of the TeX help clinic available at Bachotek and via email]
Multilingual Document Processing
Parameterized Arabic font development for AlQalam 
  Ameer Sherif, Hossam Fahmy      [Intermediate Plus — achieving high-quality Arabic typesetting through Metafont pens and drawing]
Nastaleeq: A challenge accepted by Omega 
  Atif Gulzar, Shafiq ur Rahman      [Intermediate Plus — implementing the Urdu script in Omega]
Typesetting Vietnamese with VnTeX (and with the TeX Gyre fonts too) 
  Hàn Thế Thành      [Intermediate — introduction to typesetting Vietnamese in TeX]
Managing order relations in MlBibTeX 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Intermediate Plus — handling language-specific lexicographic orderings]
Electronic Documents
Introducing LaTeX users to XSL-FO 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Intermediate — concise introduction to XSL-FO with comparisons to LaTeX]
Using TeX in a wiki 
  Tomasz Łuczak      [Introductory — overview of using TeX as a back-end for PDF production from a wiki]
Single-source publishing in multiple formats for different output devices 
  Petr Sojka, Michal Růžička      [Intermediate — using high-level markup, pdfLaTeX, and TeX4ht for multiple output formats]
Practical journal and proceedings publication on paper and on the web 
  Péter Szabó      [Intermediate — techniques and advice for editorial workflow and production operations]
Software & Tools
An experimental CTAN upload process 
  Jim Hefferon      [Intermediate — a cooperative web-based CTAN (and TeX Live) package processing method]
TeX (Live) on Debian 
  Norbert Preining      [Intermediate — usage of TeX on Debian, including package and font installation]
Epspdf: Easy conversion between PostScript and PDF 
  Siep Kroonenberg      [Introductory — command-line and GUI interface to convenient graphics conversion]
pdfTeX 1.40: What's new 
  Martin Schröder      [Intermediate — overview of new features: JBIG2, color stacks, transformation matrices, and more]
XeTeX Live 
  Jonathan Kew      [Introductory — XeTeX's incorporation in TeX Live 2007, and further developments]
Conventional scoping of registers—An experiment in exTeX 
  Gerd Neugebauer      [Advanced — alternative localization of registers via the Java infrastructure of exTeX]
MlBibTeX: Reporting the experience 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Intermediate Plus — discussing design and implementation choices of the MlBibTeX program]
Writing (La)TeX documents with AUCTeX in Emacs 
  David Kastrup      [Introductory — introduction to the AUCTeX Emacs facilities, and download locations]
LyX: An editor not just for secretaries 
  Tomasz Łuczak      [Introductory — overview of LyX, an editor for TeX with a graphical interface]
Automated DVD menu authoring with pdfLaTeX 
  Péter Szabó      [Intermediate Plus — creating standard DVDs with menus created in LaTeX]
Graphics in LaTeX using TikZ 
  Zofia Walczak      [Introductory — introduction to TikZ for drawing graphics directly in LaTeX]
LaTeX vs. LaTeX—a modification of the logo 
  Grzegorz Murzynowski      [Introductory — a LaTeX logo definition that self-adjusts to many fonts]
Benefits, care and feeding of the bigfoot package 
  David Kastrup      [Intermediate — improved page breaking and other footnote enhancements]
MathPSfrag: LaTeX labels in Mathematica plots 
  Johannes Große      [Intermediate Plus — typographically consistent labels for Mathematica plots, using PDF or PostScript]
makematch, a LaTeX package for pattern matching with wildcards 
  David Kastrup      [Advanced — efficient pattern matching supporting * and !]
qstest, a LaTeX package for unit tests 
  David Kastrup      [Advanced — extensive unit testing functionality, including embedding in dtx files]
gmverse and gmcontinuo—some nontrivial placement of text on a page 
  Grzegorz Murzynowski      [Intermediate — optical centering and right alignment of verses; continuous paragraph setting]
The gmdoc bundle—a new tool for documenting (La)TeX sources 
  Grzegorz Murzynowski      [Intermediate Plus — an enhanced reimplementation of doc]
Hints & Tricks
TeX beauties and oddities 
  Paweł Jackowski      [Advanced — the 2007 edition of TeX pearls]
         Péter Szabó: A TeX quine
         Hans Hagen: Multi-signed numbers
         Jerzy Ludwichowski: Double-hat trap
         Paweł Jackowski: \vbox height vs. \vtop depth
         Paweł Jackowski: (Ir)relevant missing character message
         Paweł Jackowski: Skip assignments
         Bogusław Jackowski: Current font global assignment
         Marcin Woliński: How to make a box disappear at a line break
         Bogusław Jackowski: Variable-width visible space
         Marcin Woliński: Do you need some stretch?
         Bogusław Jackowski: MetaPost tables indexed with strings
         Marcin Woliński: Multiple expansions triggered with a single \expandafter
         Grzegorz Murzynowski: Hacking verbatim
         Paweł Jackowski: Custom overfull text.
  Janusz Nowacki 
EuroTeX 2007 abstracts 
  Hans Hagen, Taco Hoekwater, David Kastrup, Manfred Lotz, Ross Moore, Marek Ryćko, Andrzej Tomaszewski 
ConTeXt basics for users: Table macros II 
  Aditya Mahajan      [Intermediate — further overview of making tables in ConTeXt]
TeX consulting and production services   223 
TUG Business
Institutional members   223 
In memoriam Bernard Gaulle 
  Maurice Laugier 

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