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TUGboat 28:2, 2007

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General Delivery
From the President 
  Karl Berry      [Introductory — TeX development grants; http://mirror.ctan.org; interviews; TUG'07]
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    A pledge of support;     Helvetica— 50th anniversary;     Another font anniversary— Souvenir, 93 years;     Another honorary doctorate for Don Knuth;     How to shrink a box as much as possible;     How to use a book;     Save the signs!;     Practical TeX 2006 recordings
A wayward wayfarer's way to TeX 
  Stephen Moye      [Introductory — recollections of one humanities TeX user's adventures in TeXLand]
ConTeXt user meeting 2007: Epen, March 23–25 
  Mojca Miklavec      [Reports and notices — report and photos from the first ConTeXt conference]
EuroBachoTeX 2007 
  Michael Guravage      [Reports and notices — report and photos from the 2007 European TeX conference]
New TeX activities in Korea 
  Kihwang Lee      [Reports and notices — notice of the founding of the Korean TeX Society]
Typographers' Inn 
  Peter Flynn      [Introductory — web vs. paper, punctuation oddities, Helvetica, TUG'08 in Cork]
Book Reviews
Alphabetgeschichten by Hermann Zapf 
  Hans Hagen, Taco Hoekwater      [Introductory — review of Zapf's memoir, with several illustrations]
An exploration of the Latin Modern fonts 
  Will Robertson      [Introductory — Latin Modern includes some novel font families as well as the designs from Computer Modern]
Creation of a PostScript Type 1 logo font with MetaType1 
  Klaus Höppner      [Intermediate — tutorial for implementing a font with MetaType1]
Writing ETX format font encoding specifications 
  Lars Hellström      [Intermediate Plus — writing font encoding specifications for LaTeX, and a suggested ratification procedure]
ConTeXt basics for users: Font styles 
  Aditya Mahajan      [Introductory — introduction to the different ways of changing font styles in ConTeXt]
Installing ConTeXt expert fonts: Minion Pro 
  Idris Hamid      [Advanced — preparing, installing, and configuring Minion Pro for ConTeXt]
Software & Tools
Hacking DVI files: Birth of DVIasm 
  Jin-Hwan Cho      [Intermediate Plus — creating DVI files from a simple text format; discussion of specials]
A complex drawing in descriptive geometry 
  Denis Roegel      [Advanced — rendering a classic gear drawing in MetaPost]
Hints & Tricks
Glisterings: Paragraphs regular; paragraphs particular; paragraphs Russian 
  Peter Wilson 
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — selected new CTAN packages from January through June 2007]
LaTeX and the different bibliography styles 
  Federico García De Castro      [Intermediate — bracketed, author-year, and footnote citation styles and LaTeX packages]
Font selection in LaTeX: The most frequently asked questions 
  Walter Schmidt      [Introductory — basics of font selection and the three top questions]
The memoir class 
  Peter Wilson      [Introductory — introduction to the memoir class for customizable document creation]
Multilingual Document Processing
Enjoying babel 
  Enrico Gregorio      [Intermediate — introductions, usage, and extensions to babel]
Writing numbers in words in TeX 
  Edward M. Reingold      [Intermediate Plus — writing integers, including very large ones, in words]
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Calendar   269 
TUG 2007 announcement   270 
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