TUG 2007: Practicing TeX

Presentations on LaTeX, TeX,
MetaPost, ConTeXt,
LuaTeX, and more

The 28th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group

Free workshop day: July 17, 2007
TUG 2007: July 18-20, 2007

San Diego State University
San Diego, California, USA

http://tug.org/tug2007 • tug2007@tug.org

Keynote address: Peter Wilson, The Herries Press
Between Then and Now—A Meandering Memoir

This three-day conference focuses on practical techniques for document production using LaTeX, TeX, ConTeXt, MetaPost, and friends. A day of free concurrent workshops will precede the conference.

Hope to see you there!

Dates and deadlines

Further information

Conference fee and accommodation information is available on the registration page.

Conference attendees will enjoy an opening night reception and an (optional) banquet on one evening. Coffee and lunch will be served each day of the meeting. Located on the campus of San Diego State University in San Diego, California, an easy trolley ride from downtown. Inexpensive campus housing is available.

San Diego travel pages: San Diego travel, City of San Diego, San Diego Visitor Information Center.

Conference flyer and publicity

Mentioning the conference to colleagues and in any other contexts would be very much appreciated. We'd also be grateful for any posting of this one-page PDF flyer (TeX source).


Email: tug2007@tug.org
Phone, fax, postal mail: see TUG office contact information.
Conference committee: Karl Berry, Sue DeMeritt, Robin Laakso.

Presented by the TeX Users Group. A list of past TeX meetings is available.

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