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Wrap Up and Thanks

TUG2003 was a big success due to the team effort of many people. In the rush to get to the finish line at the Closing, some introductions (virtual or otherwise) were inadvertently omitted. I'd like to acknowledge all those involved in this cooperative effort:


The Organizing Committee


TUG Office and Web Masters:

Session Chairs:
Lance Carnes (Sunday); Volker Schaa (Monday); & Kaveh Bazargan (Evening Session); William Adams (Tuesday); Jerzy Ludwichowski (Wednesday); Ross Moore (Thursday); Lance Carnes & Kaveh Bazargan (Banquet)

Program Planning

I would especially like to say ``DANK U'' to Hans Hagen for being there whenever I needed help with quick and helpful answers. At the closing I did not get a chance to fully acknowledge the depth of his contribution to planning the program, finding speakers, and providing good advice and new ideas to make this conference work. Hans replied to all my emails (mostly within 24 hours) in spite of the enormous amount of work he is doing in his day job running a company called PRAGMA-ADE, doing CONTEXT Development, and answering questions on several mailing lists.


Kudos to Hans Hagen and Volker Schaa also for their unwavering dedication and devotion to theTeX Community and their efforts to try to improve collaborative efforts between all TeX Users Groups. Their willingness to communicate regularly and to plan ahead in the best interest of the TeX community worldwide deserves praise and encouragement. Since we share a common pool of TeX speakers and TeX audience, and financial support is limited, cooperation between all user groups is critical.

Site Coordinator

Many thanks to Patricia Monohon for making all the site arrangements, the special hotel accommodation rates, catering, conference facilities, the Welcome Recption Luau in the gardens of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott, and the closing International Buffet at the Palm Terrace of the Hilton Waikoloa Village. Many people seemed to enjoy the ambiance and the proximity to the beach and opportunity to discover the beauty of the Big Island Hawaii.

Waikoloa Beach Marriott Conference Services

Thanks also to Sharon Bianco, Meetings, Catering & Convention Services Coordinator, and the staff of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott for their help with handling the shipments, and the very friendly and courteous service in preparing the Conference Facilities. Also to Eric Daley for arranging to provide the T1-line and internet services at the hotel.

Proceedings and Post Conference Bulletin

The TUG2003 Proceedings should be available in the not too distant future thanks to the valiant and dedicated effort of the Proceedings Editor, Willliam Adams assisted by Technical Editor Anita Schwartz. We thank all the speakers who contributed papers and/or slides for the Post Conference Bulletin.

Heartfelt thanks to Bob Kerstetter who collected the bios and put them together and who prepared the slides in 4-up format for the bulletin. His help has been invaluable in getting the bulletin together with good humor and patience. Thanks also to Ross Moore for technical assistance and advice with LaTeX2html.


Last but not least, a great big Thank You to all who came to the conference and made it such a success. From the feedback we have received so far, it is gratifying to know that you had such a wonderful time while being submerged in TeX for a week. The added bonus of being able to discover the wonders of nature on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii was an extra special treat for this silver jubilee. I hope you all returned home refreshed and inspired to discover more secrets of typesetting with TeX.

Hope to see you again at another TeX conference somewhere, sometime.

Thank you, Gracias, Grazie, Merci, Danke, Dank U, ...Mahalo nui loa

- wendy
TUG2003 Organizing Committee

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