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Donations and Sponsorship

We are extremely indebted to all the donors and sponsors for their contributions to TUG 2003.


Our sincere thanks to the LUGS (Dante, GUTenberg, GUST, NTG) for their generous donations in support of this conference. Many of the delegates came as speakers from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, UK.

Fund Raising & Donors

Thanks to the creators (William Adams, Duane Bibby, Wendy McKay, Bob Kerstetter) of the promotional material for the ``TeX Harvest Fund Raising Campaign'', a grass-roots effort to raise funds for the conference, and to the private donors who responded to the appeal, viz.,
Dave Bailey, Greg Black, Daniel Boerner, Harriet Borton, Malcolm Clark, Daniel Haugland, Stephan Lehmke, Oren Patashnik, Pablo Rosell-Gonzalez, Bob Styer, Paul Thompson, Donald Tyson, Robert Utter, Alan Wetmore, Glenn Williams, Camerson Wright .
We appreciate your generous contribution and support.

Hawaii Sponsorship

Thanks to the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the Hawaii Island Economic Development Board for their contribution towards the Tee Shirts; the University of Hawaii at Hilo Conference Center (Director, Judith Fox-Goldstein) for assistance with site coordination, rental of AV equipment.

Thanks to publishers Addison Wesley (UK), W. H. Freeman, and Integre for their cash donations; and to Addison Wesley (USA) for donations of several TeX books which were distributed by a raffle drawing; to Carleton Productions for the 25th Anniversary NotePads created by owner, Christina Theile; to Lance Carnes of PCTeX for the handy TeX rulers; and to Blenda Horn of Y & Y for the copy of Y&Y TeX raffle prize.

Kensington Technology Group

Our thanks to Roma Majumder, Product Manager, Kensington Technology Group for the very kind donation of the security systems for the iBooks and powerbooks. It was very helpful to be able to leave the computers set up throughout the week of the conference.

Road Tools

The pivoting Podium and Traveler CoolPads for the IBooks were very popular and well received. We are very grateful to Jim MacEachern, President, Road Tools for providing us with a nice tossed salad of Coolpads. Thank you Jim.

Math Game House

Thank you to Seungoh Ryu, Chief Programmer, of Math Game House for the iStorm Site License. Although we were not able to fully demonstrate to its advantage because of the lack of time. Conference delegates wishing to try out iStorm until the end of 2003 should check the notes to delegates for special conference license access.

Apple Computer Inc.

We are extremely grateful to Apple Computers Inc. for sponsoring the loan of 23 iBooks, two 17inch powerbooks, and three Airport Extreme base stations, for use at the conference and the workshops. Apple also provided the technical support services of Brian Frye, Systems Engineer--ACTC, ACT Higher Education, Southern California and Hawaii Representative. We sincerely thank Brian for his dedication and many hours of work, and his very valuable assistance and expertise in getting all the ibooks and powerbooks configured with TeX for the workshops and for wireless internet and email communication. Everything worked seamlessly and without a hitch throughout the conference.

The two 17 inch Powerbooks were used for some of the presentations, including a virtual presentation from the Netherlands, using iChatAV with iSight, and Timbuktu software. It was remarkable to see how relatively easy it was to set up communication for this presentation with portable equipment. It was also the first time that TUG had such abundant internet (wireless) access and availability of portable computers for a TeX conference.

Our thanks also to Jeremy Norberg and Scott Hayes from Apple, who supported the effort and provided much needed help during the early negotiation stages.

Kudos to Gerben Wierda, who is not only a devoted Mac user and developer of the i-Installer for gwTeX on the Mac, but also a strong believer that Mac OS X will make TeX more easily available to a larger community of users and help Apple sell more Macs. Gerben provided the inspiration and support to contact Apple through e-mail and phone calls. His knowledge and expertise also enabled us to have the first ever remote virtual presentation at a TeX Conference.

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