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Practical TeX 2006 Proceedings (Rutgers, New Jersey)

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Title page   
General Delivery
From the President 
  Karl Berry      [Introductory — some TUG activities and information for 2006]
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    Erratum: TUGboat  27:1 (EuroTeX proceedings);     A new Korean TeX Society;     LaTeX goes to the movies;     Some TUGboat staff changes
TeX's infinite glue is projective 
  Donald Knuth      [Advanced — note about negative infinite glue]
Software & Tools
TeXML: Resurrecting TeX in the XML world 
  Oleg Parashchenko      [Intermediate Plus — transforming XML input syntax through TeX to PDF]
Oriental TeX: A new direction in scholarly complex-script typesetting 
  Barbara Beeton, Idris Hamid 
Hints & Tricks
Glisterings: Stringing along; loops 
  Peter Wilson 
The treasure chest 
  Mark LaPlante      [Intermediate — selected new CTAN packages in 2006]
paperTeX: Creating newspapers using LaTeX2e 
  Ignacio Llopis Tortosa, María José Castro Bleda      [Intermediate — automatically generating a PDF newspaper from external sources]
LaTeX news, issue 17 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Introductory — latest LaTeX release notes: font encodings, graphics drivers, more]
Practical TeX 2006
Conference information   26 
How to create a TeX Journal: A personal journey 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — a look back at TUGboat experiences since its founding]
A lifetime as an amateur compositor 
  David Walden      [Introductory — productivity with LaTeX and typesetting experiences along the way]
TeX and medicine 
  Elizabeth Dearborn      [Introductory — experiences in self-publishing a medical transcription dictionary with TeX]
Teaching & Training
LaTeX at a liberal arts college 
  Jon Breitenbucher      [Introductory — experiences introducing LaTeX in an undergraduate liberal arts setting]
Design of presentations: Notes on principles and LaTeX implementation 
  Boris Veytsman      [Introductory — writing effective presentations and implementing them in LaTeX]
Software & Tools
Automatic report generation with Web, TeX and SQL 
  Boris Veytsman, Maria Shmilevich      [Intermediate — creating high-quality project reports while minimizing overhead]
Writing and checking complete proofs in TeX 
  Bob Neveln, Bob Alps      [Advanced — verifying formal mathematical proofs with TeX and Python]
A beginner's guide to MetaPost for creating high-quality graphics 
  Troy Henderson      [Introductory — introduction to MetaPost]
Graphics with PGF and TikZ 
  Andrew Mertz, William Slough      [Intermediate — graduated examples of graphics within LaTeX using a MetaPost-like syntax]
Drawing medical pedigree trees with TeX and PSTricks 
  Boris Veytsman, Leyla Akhmadeeva      [Intermediate Plus — typesetting medical pedigrees graphically]
Rolling your own Document Class: Using LaTeX to keep away from the Dark Side 
  Peter Flynn 
LaTeX resources 
  Jim Hefferon      [Introductory — a sampling of useful documentation, web sites, programs, and packages]
LaTeX for academics and researchers who (think they) don't need it 
  Peter Flom      [Introductory — advocating LaTeX for scientists and dispelling myths]
Hypertext capabilities with pdfLaTeX 
  Federico García De Castro      [Intermediate — introduction to the hyperref package, links, bookmarks, and more]
Removing vertical stretch—mimicking traditional typesetting with TeX 
  Kaveh Bazargan, CV Radhakrishnan      [Intermediate — a method for typesetting on a grid, including double columns and math]
Prac'TeX 2006 abstracts 
  William Adams, Federico García De Castro, Klaus Höppner, Ned Hummel, Stephen Moye, Steve Peter, Alan Wetmore 
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TUG 2007 announcement   139 
EuroBachoTeX 2007 announcement   140 
TUG Business
TUG 2007 election report 
  Steve Peter 
Financial statements for 2006 
  David Walden 
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TUG membership form   147 
TeX consulting and production services   148 

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