TUG 2020 Online

Welcome to the TeX Users Group annual conference and workshop! TUG 2020 opens this Thursday, 23-July, with a beginning LaTeX workshop taught online by Cheryl Ponchin and Sue DeMeritt.

In short:

The platform

The conference will be run on Zoom + YouTube + GoToMeeting + Zulip. They are all available for free on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chromebook and Web. Download it today, if you do not already have them.

For the best viewing experience go to Zoom where a certain amount of interactivity is possible. It will also be streamed to YouTube. The chat channels are set on Zulip and we will have our social meetings on several rooms set on GoToMeeting.

The link to join the conference is:


You can stream this in a web browser without the Zoom client installed, more info on that is available here:


You will also be able to see the conference on YouTube, certainly without the interactivity, but with closed captions and automatic translations, if necessary. The link will for that will change from time to time, unfortunately. The current link is above.

For YouTube apps, you may need to search for the channel "William Robertson" (one of the conference organizers) on youtube and then select the "live now" TUG2020 link.

We ask you to register in Zoom with your real name and same email used to enroll in the conference.


As we move the TUG 2020 conference completely online as well, we look forward to offering the same vibrant programming, innovative and timely presentations, and opportunities to reflect and connect over emerging topics in TeX and typography with users throughout the world. The online conference includes keynote speakers, presentations plus opportunities for engagement, including sessions, live interviews, workshops and space to connect with users across the globe.

Our first keynote speaker is Steven Matteson, the designer of the NOTO fonts, Open Sans, Droid, Liberation, and many more typefaces, and has worked on many other typographic projects present in operating systems, phones, game consoles and other electronic devices. He will be opening the conference on July 24. Don't miss the lecture. Check the schedule at your timezone at


Our second keynote is John MacFarlane the author of Pandoc. He will be closing the conference on July 26. John MacFarlane is the author and lead developer of Pandoc, the trusted converter in between dozens of file formats we have created over the last half-century. Also a talk not to be missed.

We will also feature live interviews with Javier Bezos of Babel and Philip Kime of Biber and BibLaTeX.

In addition to participating in the live event, all attendees will have access to break-out rooms for networking and social engagement. Moving our face-to-face conference to a fully online format presents us with the unique opportunity to spotlight the best of what the online modality affords -- meaningful collaboration and the ability to reflect and connect with colleagues around the world. We hope that you will join us for this reimagined event, and celebrate our collective resilience and dedication to forging connections without boundaries.

We look forward to welcoming you to the TUG 2020 Online Conference, and we are here to help you however we can with questions and requests for support. Please feel free to reach out to us with requests related to TUG 2020 via email to

The schedule

The schedule is ready and is displaying the lectures on your local timezone, so please make sure you have the timezone on your computer properly set. The web address for that:


Join us at Q&A

If you have any questions, jot them down in the chat on the Zoom interface. A host will be reading them and passing them to the speaker at the end of the talk.

The workshop

Cheryl Ponchin and Sue DeMeritt will teach one of the most complete courses of LaTeX throughout the day, starting at 9:00am US/Pacific Time that will cover most of the earth at a reasonable time. Go to the schedule to check for it at your time, and also for the syllabus.

Social scene

We will offer several social meeting rooms, during the breaks and at the end of the day. Choose any one of them and join us. You will be able to change from one room to the next at will. NO interaction in the social meeting rooms will be recorded.

Drop by the "Wheel Room" to talk to the organizers or choose a room in a topic you prefer. Or even grab a glass and join us at the "Social Scene" room.

We will also have one Zulip Chat room open for each one of the main topics of the Conference. We hope that discussion will extend beyond the boundaries of the conference.

To ensure maximal interactions, there will be a dedicated Zulip channel for the conference. You can join here:


with the following set of rooms:

The speakers will also be present to answer questions.

Social Video Conferencing

For each topic, there is a GoToRoom setup (details in Zulip) Additionally, participants are encouraged to split smaller interactions (up to 15 people) into Jitsi meetings using the Zulip interface.

We look forward to your active participation and interactive experiences!

Thanks for joining us at TUG2020, Paulo Ney de Souza on behalf of the TUG'20 conference committee