TUG 2007 - Program & Participants

Please register online for the conference. Accommodation information is also available on the registration page. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.

Tuesday, July 17 - Workshops

9amtrack 1 Sue DeMeritt and
Cheryl Ponchin
Introductory and intermediate LaTeX
9amtrack 2 Hartmut Henkel Introduction to MetaPost
10:45amtrack 1   LaTeX continues
10:45amtrack 2a William Slough
and Andrew Mertz
beamer + tikZ
10:45amtrack 2b Hans Hagen ConTeXt
2pmtrack 1   LaTeX continues
2pmtrack 2a   beamer + tikZ continues
2pmtrack 2b Roberto Ierusalimschy
and Taco Hoekwater
Lua and LuaTeX
5-7pmreception in the Tula Community Center

Wednesday, July 18

8:30amKarl Berry Opening
8:35amPeter Wilson keynote address: Between then and now: A meandering memoir
9:30amBarbara Beeton STIX fonts and Unicode
9:55amJonathan Kew SIL font projects
10:30amDick Koch Multiple TeX distribution support in MacTeX
11:05amJim Hefferon CTAN package sourcing
11:45amJonathan Kew XeTeX Live
12:20pmMorten Høgholm LaTeX3 project update
1:45pmKlaus Höppner Typesetting tables with LaTeX
2:25pmDavid Allen Three-dimensional graphics in LaTeX
3:05pmMorten Høgholm The breqn package: revised and revived
4:00pmAri Stern Incorporating LaTeX text into graphics and presentations with LaTeXiT
4:20pmLeonard Rosenthol Everything you wanted to know about PDF but were afraid to ask

Thursday, July 19

8:30amRobert Burgess CrossTeX: A modern bibliography management tool
9:10amAndrew Mertz and
William Slough
Programming with PerlTeX
9:50amChris Rowley Vistas for TeX
10:45amPaul Topping MathType 6's TeX input for MS Word and Wikipedia
11:25amWilliam Hammond Dual presentation with math from one source
12:05pmBarry MacKichan Design decisions for a structured front end to LaTeX
1:45pmDon DeLand From TeX to XML: The legacy of techexplorer and the future of math on the Web
2:25pmEitan Gurari LaTeX conversion into normalized forms and speech
3:05Paulo Ney de Souza Long-time preservation strategies for TeX-sourced content
4:00pmq&a; TUG meeting
7pmbanquet in the Aztec Center

Friday, July 20

8:30amRoberto Ierusalimschy About Lua
9:30amHans Hagen Introduction to the LuaTeX project
9:50amTaco Hoekwater The Lua TeX interface: Extra tables and callbacks
10:45amHans Hagen LuaTeX attributes
11:25amIdris Hamid Arabic script typography
12:05pmHans Hagen Zapfino as torture test
1:45pmNelson Beebe Extending TeX and Metafont with floating-point arithmetic
2:25pmTaco Hoekwater MPLib: Turning MetaPost into a reusable component
3:05pmHans Hagen ConTeXt MkIV
4:00pmIdris Hamid Critical editions

Closing panel

We will end the conference with a panel of experts fielding questions on any and all TeX topics. So we invite you to submit questions for the panel in advance, either in person at the conference or email tug2007@tug.org earlier. Any TeX-related topic is ok. The moderator will attempt to synthesize them and add more.


  1. David Allen, University of Kentucky
  2. Tim Arnold, SAS
  3. Caleb Ashley, Gaithersburg, MD
  4. Dave Bailey, MacKichan Software, Inc.
  5. Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies
  6. Nelson Beebe, University of Utah
  7. Barbara Beeton, American Mathematical Society
  8. Karl Berry, TeX Users Group
  9. Jon Breitenbucher, The College of Wooster
  10. Steve Brenton, Long Beach, CA
  11. Philip Brown, Texas A&M University at Galveston
  12. Robert Burgess, Cornell University
  13. Lance Carnes, Personal TeX Inc.
  14. Dennis Claudio, Richmond, CA
  15. Jennifer Claudio, St. Lawrence Academy
  16. Don DeLand, Integre Technical Publishing Co.
  17. Sue DeMeritt, Center for Communications Research, La Jolla, CA
  18. Paulo Ney de Souza, UC Berkeley
  19. Ron Fehd, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  20. Frances Felluca, INFORMS
  21. Peter Flynn, Silmaril Consultants, Ireland
  22. August Gering, Duke University Press
  23. Steve Grathwohl, Duke University Press
  24. Eitan Gurari, Ohio State University
  25. Hans Hagen, Pragma ADE
  26. Michele Hake, American Physical Society
  27. Idris Samawi Hamid, Colorado State University
  28. William Hammond, SUNY Albany
  29. Steven Harris, San Diego, CA
  30. Jim Hefferon, St. Michael's College
  31. Hartmut Henkel, von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH
  32. Taco Hoekwater, Elvenkind BV
  33. Klaus Hoeppner, DANTE e.V. and TUG
  34. Morten Høgholm, LaTeX team and Technical University of Denmark
  35. Roberto Ierusalimschy, Lua team, PUC-RIO
  36. Calvin Jackson, Caltech
  37. Mirko Janc, INFORMS
  38. Shannon Jones, FRB Richmond
  39. Jonathan Kew, SIL
  40. Dick Koch, University of Oregon
  41. Martha Kummerer, University of Notre Dame
  42. Robin Laakso, TeX Users Group
  43. Richard Leigh, United Kingdom
  44. Jenny Levine, Duke University Press
  45. Barry MacKichan, MacKichan Software, Inc.
  46. Barbara Mastrian, Rutgers
  47. Wendy McKay, Caltech
  48. Andrew Mertz, Eastern Illinois University
  49. Jaime Moore, Pacific NW National Laboratory
  50. Stephen Moye, American Mathematical Society
  51. Brian Papa, American Meteorological Society
  52. Oren Patashnik, BibTeX author
  53. Cheryl Ponchin, Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  54. Walter Reddall, Redondo Beach, CA
  55. Joseph Riel, San Diego, CA
  56. Leonard Rosenthol, Adobe Systems Inc.
  57. Chris Rowley, Open University
  58. Volker RW Schaa, DANTE e.V.
  59. Martin Schröder, pdfTeX team
  60. Herbert Schulz, Naperville, IL
  61. Heidi Sestrich, Carnegie Mellon University
  62. William Slough, Eastern Illinois University
  63. Lowell Smith, Salt Lake City, UT
  64. Jon Stenerson, MacKichan Software, Inc.
  65. Ari Stern, Caltech
  66. Larry Thomas, Saint Peter's College
  67. Paul Topping, Design Science, Inc.
  68. Alan Wetmore, US Army
  69. Peter Wilson, The Herries Press
  70. Martin Woolstenhulme, San Diego, CA

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