Celebrating  the Silver Anniversary -- 25 years! -- of TeX
     The 24th Annual Meeting and Conference of the TeX Users Group

TUG 2003 Preprints

The slides of all the TUG 2003 talks may be viewed
by navigating through the webpages of the
Post-Conference Bulletin News


Adams, William There is no end: Omega and Zapfino
Bilotta, Giuseppe eOmega: a step towards the future with a look on the past

Math in ConTeXt: bridging the gap with (AMS-)LaTeX
Costanzo, Francesco
& Gray, Gary
Creating Labeled ``Stand-Alone'' Figures in LaTeX
Using WARMreader and Adobe Illustrator Under Mac OS X

Experiences and Lessons Learned Teaching LaTeX
to a Group of University Students
Gaudeul, Alexandre LaTeX Case Study
Han, The Thanh Automatic Creation of Efficient Type 1 Fonts from METAFONT Fonts
Jackowski, Boguslaw
& Nowacki, Janusz M.
Accents, Accents, Accents: Enhancing CM Fonts with ``Funny Characters''
Koch, Richard New Features of TeXShop
Odyniec, Andrzej
& Ludwichowski, Jerzy
A Polished TeX Story
Moon, Alun Digital Illuminations

Literate Programming Meets UML
Padovani, Luca MathML Formatting with TeX Rules and TeX Fonts
Patashnik, Oren [ coming soon! ]
Plaice, John
& Haralambous, Yannis
Omega, OpenType and the XML World
Rosell-Gonzalez, Pablo The Return to the Classics
Saastamoinen, Kalle Creating WWW-based Mathematical Interface with Database
by Using LaTeX, PHP, and LaTeX2HTML Compiler
Volovich, Vladimir Automatic creation of efficient Type 1 fonts from METAFONT fonts
Yiu, Candy
& Wong, Wai
Chinese Character Synthesis Using Metapost

July 20 - 26, 2003
The Waikoloa Beach Marriott
an Outrigger Resort

on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, Hawaii

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