[pdftex] Duplex printing?

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 16 10:16:36 CET 2006

> Using the ppd file I know that the postscript I need to insert into the
> pdf output file is:  statusdict begin true setduplexmode false settumble en=
> d
> I have tested this by taking the pdf output, converting to postscript
> and inserting
> this statusdict statment into the Setup. It works, and is what I might have
> to end up doing - its just very messy.
> So my revised question is: how do I get the above postscript
> (statusdict ...) into
> the pdftex output (if I were using dvips, I could use \special).

without knowing how you generate the postscript to print, it's hard to
guess.  hans's script looks like an interesting stab (though i've not
looked to see if it'll run as a filter).

certainly adobe reader on linux will let you send the postscript
printer output to an arbitrary command, and it'll remember that
command for you, so you don't have to keep typing it...

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