[pdftex] pdflatex embedding all fonts, windows

Morten Høgholm morten.hoegholm at latex-project.org
Tue Feb 7 08:03:11 CET 2006

On Tue, 07 Feb 2006 07:32:08 +0100, daniel paluska <leinad at media.mit.edu>  

> so i'm trying to get an IEEE paper to include all fonts and i've seen a  
> bunch of documents on the topic but still can't seem to get it working...
> tried updating the .cfg file as indicated here->
> http://www.tug.org/pipermail/pdftex/2004-February/004764.html
> and that didn't work.
> saw this but not sure how to implement all the steps on a windows box. i  
> did find and edit .cfg file in my texmf directory but i'm not sure how  
> the whole update thing works on windows vs linux.
> http://users.rsise.anu.edu.au/~luke/embedded_fonts.html
> what i got->
> windows xp
> winedt 5.4
> miktex 2.4.1704

See the MiKTeX Manual, more specifically  
<http://docs.miktex.org/manual/psfonts.html> and the appendix it links to.

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