[pdftex] pdflatex embedding all fonts, windows

daniel paluska leinad at media.mit.edu
Tue Feb 7 07:32:08 CET 2006

so i'm trying to get an IEEE paper to include all fonts and i've seen a 
bunch of documents on the topic but still can't seem to get it working...
tried updating the .cfg file as indicated here->
and that didn't work.

saw this but not sure how to implement all the steps on a windows box. i 
did find and edit .cfg file in my texmf directory but i'm not sure how 
the whole update thing works on windows vs linux.

what i got->
windows xp
winedt 5.4
miktex 2.4.1704
acrobat 6

i also tried going from pdf to ps back to pdf with adobe set to embed 
but that didn't work either. it's the times fonts that won't include.

i need to use pdflatex and skip the dvi and ps stages cause all my 
figures are in pdf. and i've verified that all my figures have the fonts 
embedded. just the text generated by pdflatex seems to hafe trouble with 
the times font.

any ideas?


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