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TUGboat 9:1, April 1988

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Title page   
Editorial information   
Addresses   3-4 
General Delivery
General Delivery   5-11 
From the President 
  Bart Childs 
TUGboat docks at fire station 
  Alan Wittbecker 
Donald E. Knuth Scholarship   
Notes from the Editor 
  Barbara Beeton 
Document Production: Visual or Logical? 
  Leslie Lamport 
Still another aspect of multiple change files: The PATCH processor 
  Peter Breitenlohner 
Turkish hyphenations for TeX 
  Pierre MacKay 
Font Forum
The ABC's of special effects 
  Georgia K.M. Tobin 
Blackboard Bold 
  Robert Messer 
Using Greek fonts with TeX 
  Silvio Levy 
Output Devices
TeX output devices (with charts) 
  Don Hosek 
An ASCII previewer for TeX 
  Marcus Brown 
A screen previewer for VM/CMS 
  Don Hosek 
Why TeX should NOT output PS—yet 
  Shane Dunne 
Index to sample output from various devices   39 
Site Reports
The Commodore Amiga: A magic TeX machine 
  Tomas Rokicki 
Site Reports   40-45 
Data General site report 
  Bart Childs 
Fujitsu ports TeX 1.0 onto M-series   42 
Unix TeX site report 
  Pierre MacKay 
IBM VM/CMS site report 
  Dean Guenther 
TeX to C converter 
  Tim Morgan 
VAX/VMS site report 
  David Kellerman 
Typesetting on PCs
Writers' tools I: PC spelling and grammar checkers 
  Alan Hoenig, Mitch Pfeffer 
Grapevine reports of inexpensive versions of TeX 
  Alan Hoenig, Mitch Pfeffer 
TurboTeX: A new port in C for Unix and MS-DOS 
  Richard Kinch, Jennifer L. Vollbrecht 
  Ester Crisanti, Alberto Formigoni, Paco La Bruna 
A tutorial on \expandafter 
  Stephan von Bechtolsheim 
Macros for outlining 
  James W. Walker 
A macro writing tool: Generating new definitions 
  Amy Hendrickson 
French in TeX 
  Alonzo Gariepy 
German TeX 
  Hubert Partl 
Contents of LaTeX style collection as of 4th February 1988 
  Ken Yap 
The LaTeX user's column 
  Jackie Damrau 
Page layout in LaTeX 
  Kent McPherson 
Automatic page balancing macros wanted; Replies: Inverted pyramidal titles; Logarithmic time scales 
  Frederick H. Bartlett 
News & Announcements
Calendar   86 
News & Announcements   86-87 
TUG 1988 Annual Meeting, Montréal, August 22–24   87 
Videotapes of Knuth's software course based on TeX: The Program   87 
TUG Business
Institutional members   88-90 
TUG membership application   91-93 
TeX order form   95-96 
Index of advertisers   112 
Computers & Typesetting: Errata and Changes 
TUG Membership List 

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