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TUGboat 9:2, August 1988

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Title page   113 
Editorial information   114 
Addresses   115-116 
General Delivery
From the President 
  Bart Childs 
General Delivery   117-121 
Los Alamos sets new membership record 
  Ray Goucher 
Donald Knuth awarded Franklin Medal   117 
TeX in the publishing environment: A survey of production/commercial users 
  Elizabeth Barnhart 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
New version(s) of TeX and Metafont 
  Barbara Beeton 
64-bit TeX 
  Bart Childs 
Porting TeX to C 
  Klaus Lichtenwalder 
TeX adapted to CWEB 
  David Kennedy 
Some useful variations of standard fonts 
  Glenn Vanderburg 
Designing for low-res devices 
  Georgia K.M. Tobin 
TeX fonts and suggested magnifications 
  Bart Childs 
The many faces of TeX: A survey of digital METAfonts 
  Dominik Wujastyk 
Output Devices
Index to sample output from various devices   151 
A Punk Meta-Font 
  Donald Knuth 
Output Devices
TeX output devices (with charts) 
  Don Hosek 
Why TeX should NOT output PS—yet: Addendum 
  Shane Dunne 
ASCII Preview with vuTeX 
  Warren Wolfe 
Site Reports
Site Reports   181 
TeX on the Cray 
  Bart Childs 
Data General site report 
  Bart Childs 
Macintosh site report 
  Barry Smith 
Warnings & Limitations
Controlling ; Ruling the depths 
  Barbara Beeton 
German TeX, a next step 
  Peter Breitenlohner 
Some problems with the INRSTeX table making macros 
  Michael J. Wichura 
Box plots and scatter plots with TeX macros 
  A. J. Van Haagen 
PiCTeX: Macros for drawing PiCtures 
  Michael J. Wichura 
The LaTeX user's column 
  Jackie Damrau 
Contents of LaTeX style collection as of 19th June 1988 
  Ken Yap 
A note on processing parts with LaTeX 
  Stephan von Bechtolsheim 
Page layout in LaTeX: Erratum 
  Kent McPherson 
News & Announcements
Calendar   205 
GUTenberg meeting report 
  Bernard Gaulle 
Late-Breaking News
Knuth Scholarship winner   207 
TUG Business
Institutional members   208-210 
TUG membership application   211-212 
Index of advertisers   226 
Computers & Typesetting: Errata and Changes, Supplement 
TUG Membership List Supplement   1-14 

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