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TUGboat 6:2, July 1985

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TeX lectures on tape   c3 
Complete issue 6:2 as one pdf (3.8mb) 
Title page   53 
Addresses of Officers, Authors and Others   54 
Official Announcements   55 
General Delivery
TUG 1985 Annual Meeting, Stanford University, August 12–14, 1985   56 
Editor's message 
  Helmut Jürgensen 
A multilingual TeX 
  Michael Ferguson 
Mathematical symbols and Cyrillic fonts ready for distribution 
  Barbara Beeton 
Output Devices
Output Devices   64-66 
Chart: Output devices and computers   64-66 
Index to sample output from various devices   66 
Graphics commands for TeX—Discussion in TeXhax conference 
  Alan Spragens 
Miscellaneous activity at Texas A&M 
  Norman Naugle, Tomas Rokicki 
Site Reports
TeXhax activity at Spring DECUS   73 
CMS TeX site report 
  Alan Spragens 
Site Reports   73-81 
Report on experience with TeX80 
  Hans Riesel 
A TeX82 implementation on the HP9000 series 500 
  Gregory Marriott 
Unix TeX site report 
  Richard Furuta 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Barry Smith 
“small” TeX
Table of “small” TeX implementations 
  Lance Carnes 
Some diagonal line hacks 
  Amy Hendrickson 
A (possibly) totally useless macro 
  Amy Hendrickson 
Multi-column layout in TeX80 
  August Mohr 
Letters   96 
Author vs. proofreader 
  Jean-Luc Bonnetain 
Transatlantic TeX 
  John Greene 
News & Announcements
Calendar   97 
News & Announcements   97-98 
International Conference on Text Processing and Document Manipulation, Nottingham, England, April 14–16, 1986   98 
PROTEXT II, Dublin, Ireland, October 21–25, 1985   98 
TUG Business
TUG 1984 financial report with comparisons 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
The Metafoundry—Introducing MF Medley   100 
Advertisements   100-104 
TeX and Metafont reports available from the Stanford Computer Science Department   101 
Addison-Wesley—MicroTeX   102 
Textset, Inc.   103 
Personal TeX, Inc.—PCTeX is here   104 
Membership application and order form   105-106 
TeX82 order form   107-108 
The TeXbook: Errata and Changes 
TUG Membership List, including Profile of TeX installations 

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