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TUG Business
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General Delivery
From the president   (doi) 
  Boris Veytsman      [Introductory — on DOIs and classifications]
Editorial comments   (doi) 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    New from Don Knuth;     More memories of Dave Walden;     Update on arXiv and HTML;     Chuck Bigelow on fonts;     A remarkable collection of printing blocks: the Tripitaka Koreana;     Food and fonts;     Interlude: Overfull \hboxes;     Errata, TUGboat 43:1
Regarding TUG and UK-TUG   (doi) 
  Jonathan Fine 
Rebuttal   (doi) 
  Arthur Rosendahl      [Reports and notices — response to Fine, “Regarding TUG and UK-TUG”]
The TeX Hour   (doi) 
  Jonathan Fine      [Introductory — general description and some notable specific episodes, available at texhour.github.io]
DANTE project funding of TeX servers   (doi) 
  Stefan Kottwitz      [Intermediate Plus — latex.org and many other forums and galleries, in English, German, and French]
The residual concepts of production vs. the emergent cultures of distribution in publishing   (doi) 
  David Blakesley      [Intermediate — case studies of a textbook, poetry, and the implications of digital publishing]
Typographers' Inn   (doi) 
  Peter Flynn      [Introductory — Font packages: Symbats, Swashes; To publish or not to publish; Afterthought: Translations]
Formatting mesostic poems à la John Cage   (doi) 
  David Bellows      [Introductory — use of LaTeX by a non-programmer for poetic results]
Representing Parkosz's alphabet in the Junicode font   (doi) 
  Janusz S. Bień      [Intermediate Plus — using Unicode tag characters to handle the earliest Polish spelling treatise]
Software & Tools
TeXShop, Version 5: HTML previews   (doi) 
  Richard Koch      [Intermediate — general support for simultaneous PDF and HTML previewing in this Mac editor for TeX]
Electronic Documents
Interactive content using TeX4ht   (doi) 
  Richard Koch      [Intermediate Plus — TeX4ht environments and invocations, with interactive math examples]
         (Source for article with the sample invocations.)
What's new in TeX4ht: 2022   (doi) 
  Michal Hoftich      [Intermediate — make4ht updates to documentation, R and related language support, JATS output, and more]
Adding XMP metadata in LaTeX   (doi) 
  Ulrike Fischer, Frank Mittelbach      [Intermediate Plus — LaTeX kernel support for standard metadata]
The LaTeX Tagged PDF project—A status and progress report   (doi) 
  Frank Mittelbach, Ulrike Fischer      [Intermediate Plus — review of tagged PDF tasks accomplished, in progress, and still to come]
LaTeX news, issue 36, November 2022   (doi) 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — more on key–value arguments; slanted small caps; small-size EC sans serif; plenty more]
Markdown 2.17.1: What's new, what's next?   (doi) 
  Vít Starý Novotný      [Intermediate — super/subscripts, strike-throughs, lists, APIs, user-defined syntax, roadmap]
Mapping to individual characters in expl3   (doi) 
  Joseph Wright      [Intermediate Plus — text_map_inline:nn and other functions to work with user-perceived characters]
Typesetting external program code and its output: hvextern   (doi) 
  Herbert Voß      [Intermediate Plus — powerful methods of running general subprograms and typesetting their output]
The luamodulartables and luaset LaTeX packages   (doi) 
  Chetan Shirore, Ajit Kumar      [Intermediate — using Lua to generate modular arithmetic tables, and perform set operations]
Using OpenType and TrueType fonts with XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX   (doi) 
  Herbert Voß      [Intermediate — succinct examples of searching for and loading OpenType or TrueType fonts]
New directions in math fonts   (doi) 
  Hans Hagen, Mikael P. Sundqvist      [Advanced — work towards improving and regularizing math typesetting with OpenType fonts]
Patching Lucida Bright Math   (doi) 
  Hans Hagen, Mikael P. Sundqvist      [Advanced — fixing Lucida OpenType math axis, glyph sizes, extensibles, radicals, et al., with many illustrations]
Ventrella's terdragon in MetaPost   (doi) 
  Linus Romer      [Intermediate Plus — creating a vector graphic following Ventrella's “Portraits from the Family Tree of Plane-filling Curves”]
An introduction to GNU 3DLDF   (doi) 
  Laurence Finston      [Advanced — overview of this MetaPost-inspired 3D graphics program]
A graphical ellipse envelope construction with GNU 3DLDF   (doi) 
  Laurence Finston      [Advanced — demonstrates use of 3DLDF, with annotated code]
Updates to “Automatically removing widows and orphans with lua-widow-control”, TUGboat 43:1   (doi) 
  Max Chernoff      [Advanced — draft mode, insertion handling, and other enhancements]
    Original article.
Can “\parfillskip=0pt” shorten a short paragraph in plain TeX by two lines?   (doi) 
  Udo Wermuth      [Advanced — detailed analysis of the line-breaking algorithm, interword spacing, and relevant font parameters]
LaTeX2Nemeth and the amsmath package   (doi) 
  Andreas Papasalouros, Antonis Tsolomitis      [Intermediate Plus — supporting amsmath in Nemeth Braille as much as possible]
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest   (doi) 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, August–October 2022]
Die TeXnische Komödie: issue 3/2022   364 
La Lettre GUTenberg: issue 45 (2022)   364 
TUG Business
2023 TeX Users Group election   (doi) 
  TUG Elections committee 
TeX consulting and production services   366-367 
TeXnology Inc.   367 
Calendar   368 

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