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TUG 2022 Proceedings

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    Videos for all talks.
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Title page   85 
TUG 2022
TUG 2022 conference information and program   86-88 
TUG 2022 conference report   (doi) 
  Jim Hefferon 
TUG 2022 Annual General Meeting notes   (doi) 
  Robin Laakso 
David C. Walden, 1942–2022   (doi) 
  Karl Berry      [Reports and notices — for more on Dave's many lifetime projects, see walden-family.com]
Interview with John Lees-Miller, CTO of Overleaf   (doi) 
  Paulo Ney de Souza 
Interview with Boris Veytsman, scientist, TeX programmer and current TUG President   (doi) 
  Paulo Ney de Souza 
The future of technical documentation starts with its recent past   (doi) 
  Carlos Evia      [Intermediate — overview of DITA and family and relationship to LaTeX]
A stroll through computer history at the CHM   (doi) 
  Dag Spicer      [Introductory — overview of exhibits and resources at the Computer History Museum, computerhistory.org]
Type design: Catching up to the past   (doi) 
  Steven Matteson      [Intermediate — illustrated examples of adapting historical fonts for technological demands]
Software & Tools
The Tectonic Project: Envisioning a 21st-century TeX experience   (doi) 
  Peter K.G. Williams      [Intermediate Plus — overview of a Rust reimplementation of XeTeX, targetting modern documents]
IoT theatre presents: The Tempest   (doi) 
  Island of TeX      [Intermediate — TeX Live docker images, TeXdoc online, Albatross, checkcites, arara past and future]
Using knitr and LaTeX for literate laboratory notes   (doi) 
  Boris Veytsman      [Intermediate — background, desiderata, and solutions for lab notes]
yex: a TeX-alike typesetter in Python   (doi) 
  Marnanel Thurman      [Intermediate — implementing TeX in the Python environment, focusing on HTML output]
Extracting information from (La)TeX source files   (doi) 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Advanced — a generalized Scheme tool for external processing of LaTeX documents]
LaTeX profiling of author submissions—completeness & usability checking   (doi) 
  Apu V, Rishi T, Aravind Rajendran      [Intermediate — description of a pre-submission validation tool, using scripts and LaTeX3 hooks]
LaTeX news, issue 35, June 2022   (doi) 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — document metadata interface, latex-lab, marks, floating point]
Introductory LaTeX workshop, en français   (doi) 
  Éric Guichard, Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Introductory — overview of this TUG'22 workshop, conducted in French]
    video (approx. three hours)
Self-publishing, LaTeX, and Markdown   (doi) 
  Lloyd Prentice      [Introductory — roadmap for making LaTeX more usable for the vast self-publishing author population]
The story of a silly package   (doi) 
  Paulo Cereda, Phelype Oleinik      [Introductory — development of the sillypage package, based on the Monty Python silly walks]
Key–value setting handling in the LaTeX kernel   (doi) 
  Joseph Wright      [Intermediate — generic key–value and option support with both LaTeX2e and expl3 syntax]
siunitx: Launching version 3   (doi) 
  Joseph Wright      [Intermediate — development support from standard LaTeX tools for a major revision]
Case changing: LaTeX reaches Unicode-land   (doi) 
  Joseph Wright      [Intermediate — progress toward uppercasing, lowercasing, titlecasing, case folding, in full generality]
Using spot colors in LaTeX   (doi) 
  Ulrike Fischer      [Intermediate Plus — new support in the kernel, and via the colorspace package]
The luatruthtable LaTeX package   (doi) 
  Chetan Shirore, Ajit Kumar      [Intermediate — using Lua to generate truth tables for general logical expressions]
Multilingual Document Processing
LaTeX classes for doctoral theses in Ukraine: Interesting tips and painful problems   (doi) 
  Oleksandr Baranovskyi      [Intermediate Plus — status, issues, and directions for vakthesis and mon2017dev]
XLingPaper's use of TeX technologies   (doi) 
  H. Andrew Black, Hugh Paterson III      [Intermediate Plus — use of XeLaTeX in an authoring tool for linguistic publishing]
Electronic Documents
A LaTeX-based ecosystem for semantic/active mathematical documents   (doi) 
  Dennis Müller, Michael Kohlhase      [Advanced — structured math knowledge; RusTeX, a TeX reimplementation in Rust to support MMT]
Pushing math forward with ConTeXt lmtx   (doi) 
  Hans Hagen, Mikael P. Sundqvist      [Advanced — generalizing atom classes and spacing; breaking multiline formulas]
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest   (doi) 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, April–August 2022]
TUG 2022 abstracts   (doi) 
  Oliver Austin, David Blakesley, Sarai Castañeda, Max Chernoff, Hong Dat Cheung, Jennifer Claudio, Jonathan Fine, Patrick Gundlach, Herbert Hickman, Nicolas Jimenez, Vafa Khalighi, Tia Luc, Matthew Mariano, Ross Moore, Aditya Ohri, Christopher Park, Emily Park, Norbert Preining, samcarter, Tanya Schmah, Tereza Vrabcová, Haibin Wu 
MAPS: issue 52 (2022)   213 
La Lettre GUTenberg: issue 45 (2022)   214 
Die TeXnische Komödie: issue 2/2022   215 
TUG Business
Institutional members   215 
2023 TeX Users Group election   (doi) 
  TUG Elections committee 
Calendar   217 
TUG 2022 advertisements: STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd; Overleaf   218 
TeX consulting and production services   219-220 

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