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TUGboat 42:3, 2021

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Title page   221 
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TUG Business
Institutional members   222 
General Delivery
From the president   (doi) 
  Boris Veytsman      [Introductory — on stability, licensing, and continuing maintenance of packages]
Editorial comments   (doi) 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    R.I.P. Walter Schmidt;     R.I.P. Chuck Geschke;     R.I.P. Rogério Brito;     Computers & Typesetting;     Hyphenation patterns and non-TeX uses;     Update on TUGboat DOIs;     News from GUTenberg;     An overview of TeX history;     MacKichan Software is no more;     More Knuth references
Michael D. Spivak, 1940–2020   (doi) 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — memoriam for the author of AMSTeX, The Joy of TeX, and much more]
How to keep your sanity when preparing a transcript of an online interview for publication   (doi) 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — difficulties with interview transcriptions, and suggestions for easing them]
Form, pattern & texture in the typographic image   (doi) 
  Charles Bigelow      [Intermediate — the interaction of typographic size and combination leading to form, pattern, and texture]
Multilingual Document Processing
Arabic text justification using LuaLaTeX and the DigitalKhatt OpenType variable font   (doi) 
  Amine Anane      [Advanced — towards high-quality Arabic typesetting using Lua, OpenType, and Metafont]
Rendering open street maps   (doi) 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate Plus — generating graphics from openstreetmap.com data with MetaPost and ConTeXt]
Controlling captions, fullpage and doublepage floats: hvfloat   (doi) 
  Herbert Voß      [Intermediate Plus — extensive examples of floating layouts, complex and simple]
Preventing tofu with pdfTeX and Unicode engines   (doi) 
  Frank Mittelbach      [Intermediate — input and font encodings, missing characters, Unicode, \tracinglostchars]
The unicodefonttable package   (doi) 
  Frank Mittelbach      [Intermediate — customizable font tables for OpenType/TrueType Unicode fonts]
LaTeX news, issue 34, November 2021   (doi) 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — hooks; new or improved commands and code; changes in amsmath, graphics, tools]
Hints & Tricks
Production notes   (doi) 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate Plus — custom fonts, engines, page counts]
A new unit for LMTX: The dk   (doi) 
  Hans Hagen      [Introductory — the potrzebie unit (6.43985pt) now available in LMTX]
The treasure chest   (doi) 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, September–October 2021]
La Lettre GUTenberg: 41–44 (2020–2021)   313-314 
Les Cahiers GUTenberg: Contents of issue 58 (2021)   315 
ConTeXt Group Journal: 14th meeting (2020)   315-316 
Comic: Fontzie 
  John Atkinson 
TeX consulting and production services   317-318 
TeXnology Inc.   318 
Pearson | Addison-Wesley   319 
Calendar   320 

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