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TUG 2021 Proceedings

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Title page   97 
TUG 2021
TUG 2021 conference information and program   98-100 
TUG 2021 conference report   (doi) 
  Arthur Rosendahl, Jennifer Claudio 
TUG 2021 Annual General Meeting notes   (doi) 
  Jennifer Claudio 
TUG 2021 conference organization reflections and recommendations   (doi) 
  Paulo Ney de Souza, Jennifer Claudio 
Interview with Norbert Preining, mainstay of TeX Live and much more   (doi) 
  Paulo Ney de Souza 
Interview with Frank Mittelbach, leader of the LaTeX Project   (doi) 
  Paulo Ney de Souza 
Interview with John Hammersley, CEO of Overleaf   (doi) 
  Paulo Ney de Souza 
The tikzlings package   (doi) 
  samcarter      [Introductory — from anteaters to squirrels, in colors and accessories galore]
Software & Tools
Texmlbus, a build system to convert documents to XML and other formats   (doi) 
  Heinrich Stamerjohanns      [Intermediate Plus — support conversion of large document collections, with error reports and statistics]
Continuous integration and TeX with Org-Mode   (doi) 
  Rohit Goswami      [Intermediate Plus — collaborative workflow using public build servers, and Org markup features]
The WEB to CWEB conversion of TeX   (doi) 
  Martin Ruckert      [Advanced — source code to source code conversion: memory words, macros, case statements, and more]
Plane and simple: Exploration of machine interaction with text type for visual-based navigation systems   (doi) 
  Oliver Austin      [Introductory — methodology for comparing runway designators in different fonts]
Multilingual Document Processing
My personal journey into creating word search puzzles in Cyrillic and Arabic using multilingual support in LaTeX   (doi) 
  Jennifer Claudio      [Intermediate — online generation and typesetting of multilingual word search puzzles]
On typesetting an English–Japanese book   (doi) 
  Antoine Bossard      [Intermediate — discusses bilingual issues with fonts (fontspec), page layout (titleps), PDF bookmarks, and more]
New Czechoslovak hyphenation patterns, word lists, and workflow   (doi) 
  Petr Sojka, Ondřej Sojka      [Advanced — towards universal patterns based on phonology]
Automatically generate personalized tasks and sample solutions for the fundamentals of electrical engineering with PGFPlots and CircuiTikZ   (doi) 
  Mathias Magdowski      [Intermediate Plus — using MATLAB and LaTeX together to generate problems and solutions]
Creating a VPAT statement for TeX Live   (doi) 
  Boris Veytsman, Keiran Harcombe      [Intermediate — first steps toward a formal statement of accessibility for TeX Live]
latex2nemeth: A direct LaTeX-to-Braille transcribing tool   (doi) 
  Andreas Papasalouros, Antonis Tsolomitis      [Intermediate Plus — reliably support mathematics, as well as Greek, English, and other languages]
Electronic Documents
On the road to Tagged PDF: About StructElem, Marked Content, PDF/A and Squeezed Bärs   (doi) 
  Ulrike Fischer      [Intermediate Plus — the tagpdf and pdfmanagement-testphase packages; present and future updates to much more]
TEI-XML to LaTeX workflow: Issues and lessons   (doi) 
  Nicolás Vaughan      [Advanced — using XSLT, LaTeX, and Python to convert from XML to PDF]
LaTeX news, issue 33, June 2021   (doi) 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Intermediate — extending the hook concept; improved handling of file names; updates to the font selection scheme; new or improved commands; changes in graphics, tools, amsmath]
Markdown 2.10.0: LaTeX themes & snippets, two flavors of comments, and LuaMetaTeX   (doi) 
  Vít Starý Novotný      [Intermediate — styling Markdown in LaTeX, literate comments, future projects]
bib2gls: sorting   (doi) 
  Nicola Talbot      [Advanced — fallback and explicit sort values for symbols and more with bib2gls]
Programming bibliographies   (doi) 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Intermediate Plus — overview of sorting and other programming tasks in BibTeX, BibLaTeX/Biber, and the upcoming MlBibTeX]
TUG 2021 abstracts   (doi) 
  Alexánder Borbón Alpízar, Apu V, Robert A. Beezer, H. Andrew Black, Michael Cantino, Paulo Cereda, David Crossland, Vic van Dijk, Jonathan Fine, Michal Hoftich, Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, Rahul Jaiswal, Emílio Kavamura, Vafa Khalighi, Alexei Kolesnikov, Rahul Krishnan S, Marcel Krüger, Al Maneki, Frank Mittelbach, Ross Moore, Michael Nolan, Todd Pagano, Hugh Paterson III, Simon Porter, Thomas Price, Aravind Rajendran, Rishi T, Matheus Rocha, Volker Sorge, Paulo Ney de Souza, Suhas Chikkanaravangala Vijayakumar, Joseph Wright 
MAPS: issue 51 (2021)   212 
Die TeXnische Komödie: issues 2–3/2021   213 
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest   (doi) 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, April–September 2021]
TUG 2021
TUG 2021 attendee map   216 
TUG 2021 sponsors: DANTE e.V.; Google; Overleaf; STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd; U. of Adelaide   216-217 
TeX consulting and production services   218-219 
Calendar   220 
TUG Business
Institutional members   220 

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