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General Delivery
From the president 
  Boris Veytsman      [Introductory — TeX exhibition at The Book Club of California; typography as a conservative art]
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    TUG 2019 sponsors;     Kerning between lowercase+uppercase;     Differential “d”;     Bibliographic archives in BibTeX form
Ukraine at BachoTeX 2019: Thoughts and impressions 
  Yevhen Strakhov 
An experience of trying to submit a paper in LaTeX in an XML-first world 
  David Walden      [Introductory — a report on a LaTeX submission to IEEE Annals, and consequent expectations]
Studying the histories of computerizing publishing and desktop publishing, 2017–19 
  David Walden      [Intermediate — transition to digital production in newspapers, trade publishing, and the creation of desktop publishing]
TeX services at texlive.info 
  Norbert Preining      [Introductory — historic, TeX Live, and CTAN repositories, some unique]
Providing Docker images for TeX Live and ConTeXt 
  Island of TeX      [Advanced — supporting continuous integration with a variety of Docker images]
TeX on the Raspberry Pi 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate — report of TeX processing on all models of the RPi]
Software & Tools
MuPDF tools 
  Taco Hoekwater      [Intermediate — summary of mutool commands to manipulate PDF files: dump, extract, convert, create, …]
LaTeX on the road 
  Piet van Oostrum      [Intermediate — LaTeX and Git possibilities on mobile devices]
A Brazilian Portuguese work on MetaPost, and how mathematics is embedded in it 
  Estevão Vinícius Candia      [Intermediate Plus — summary of thesis on the mathematics of MetaPost, with graphical examples]
LaTeX news, issue 30, October 2019 
  LaTeX Project Team 
Understanding scientific documents with synthetic analysis on mathematical expressions and natural language 
  Takuto Asakura      [Advanced — steps toward automated understanding of STEM documents]
Modern Type 3 fonts 
  Hans Hagen      [Advanced — OpenType extensions with color, SVG, PNG, implemented as Type 3 fonts]
Multilingual Document Processing
Typesetting the Bangla script in Unicode TeX engines —experiences and insights 
  Md Qutub Uddin Sajib      [Intermediate Plus — review of Bangla support and issues with achieving the finest quality typography]
Typographers' Inn 
  Peter Flynn      [Introductory — CV/Résumé layouts; Reversed apostrophes (II); Afterthought]
Book Reviews
Book review: Hermann Zapf and the World He Designed: A Biography by Jerry Kelly 
  Barbara Beeton      [Reports and notices — review of this first full-length biography of the great designer]
         For updates to this review, see the web version. See the TUG books page for all book reviews and discounts.
Book review: Carol Twombly: Her brief but brilliant career in type design by Nancy Stock-Allen 
  Karl Berry      [Reports and notices — review of this short but intensive study of a noted type designer's work]
Die TeXnische Komödie 2–3/2019   275 
Eutypon: Contents of issue 40–41 (October 2018)   276 
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, April–October 2019]
Comic: The history of Unicode 
  Randall Munroe 
TUG Business
TeX Development Fund 2014–2019 report 
  TeX Development Fund committee 
TUG 2019 sponsors: Google; Adobe; Overleaf; Pearson; STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd   280-282 
TeX consulting and production services   283-284 
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