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TUGboat 2:1, February 1981

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Title page   
Addresses of TUGboat authors   
General Delivery
General Delivery   3-10 
Site Coordinators 
  Robert Welland 
Chairman's report 
  Richard Palais 
Report on the January 1981 TUG Steering Committee meeting 
  Robert Morris 
1980 TUG Treasurer's report 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
Informal TUG session 
  Robert Morris 
A position on TeX maintenance 
  Robert Morris 
TeX support 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
Update on Pascal Metafont 
  Scott Kim 
Interface Software
Erratum: The format of TeX's DVI files 
  David Fuchs 
TeX-Pascal and Pascal compilers (a status report) 
  Ignacio Zabala 
TeX Font Metric files 
  David Fuchs 
TeX support programs 
  Phil Sherrod, Alan Wright 
Brief functional characterization of the procedures in the TeX/Pascal compilation unit, SYSDEP 
  C. L. Lawson, Ignacio Zabala, Max Díaz 
Detailed specifications of procedures in the TeX/Pascal compilation unit, SYSDEP 
  C. L. Lawson, Ignacio Zabala, Max Díaz 
Output devices: A new column 
  Barry Doherty 
Site Reports
AMS site report 
  Barry Doherty, Barbara Beeton 
Site Reports   48-52 
Status of TeX on the Stanford 370/3033 systems 
  Eagle Berns 
The status of VAX/TeX at Brown 
  Janet Incerpi 
Report from the North Star, or, TeX at the University of Minnesota 
  Thea Hodge 
Report on the use of TeX at Computas A/S, Norway; Nord 100 computer: 16 bit “big mini” 
  Helge Totland 
TeX is available for Univac 1100 systems 
  Ralph Stromquist 
Warnings & Limitations
Disappearing digits; Undisciplined uppercase 
  Barbara Beeton 
How to prepare a file for publication in TUGboat 
  Barbara Beeton 
TeX macro package 
  Max Díaz 
Anatomy of a TeX macro package 
  Arthur M. Keller 
NOFILL program with Pascal source 
  Lynne Price, Patrick Milligan 
List macros 
  Lynne Price 
Table of contents macros 
  Lynne Price 
Utility macros 
  Patrick Milligan, Lynne Price 
Hebrew letter (with source) 
  Lynne Price 
Two slides 
  Lynne Price 
Letters   127 
Report from an early AmSTeX user 
  David Eck 
  Graeme Hirst 
Appendix A. Output samples from a paper by David Eck   128-135 
TeX Workshop Announcement 
TeX Errata   991 
TUG membership list 

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