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TUGboat 1:1, October 1980

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Steering Committee   c2 
AMSTeX Panel Discussion   c3 
Title page   
Editor's Comments 
  Robert Welland 
General Delivery
Message from the Chairman 
  Richard Palais 
Publishing & TeX 
  Ellen Swanson 
AmSTeX—“A very friendly product” 
  Michael Spivak 
Minutes of the first TUG meeting, February 1980 
  Robert Morris 
Interface Software
The status of the Pascal implementation of TeX 
  Ignacio Zabala, Luis Trabb-Pardo 
The format of TeX's DVI files 
  David Fuchs 
Site Reports
University of Minnesota CDC Cyber site report 
  Thea Hodge 
Warnings & Limitations
Troubles with trace and other oddities 
  Barbara Beeton 
Questions & Answers
Questions & Answers   21 
  Gérard Emch, Arnold Pizer 
An indexing facility for TeX 
  Terry Winograd, Bill Paxton 
         Appendix A
Order form for The Joy of TeX 
TeX Errata 
TUG mailing list 

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