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TUGboat 15:3, September 1994

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TUG 1994 Proceedings (Santa Barbara, California)

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Editorial and production notes   166 
Acknowledgements and Conference Program: Innovation   167-168 
Keynote: Publishing, Languages Literature and Fonts
Lucida and TeX: Lessons of logic and history 
  Charles Bigelow 
Real life book production—lessons learned from The LaTeX Companion 
  Frank Mittelbach, Michel Goossens 
Typesetting the holy Bible in Hebrew, with TeX 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Adaptive character generation and spatial expressiveness 
  Michael Cohen 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Automatic conversion of Metafont fonts to Type-1 PS 
  Basil Malyshev 
Colour, and LaTeX
The (pre)history of color in Rokicki's dvips 
  James Hafner 
Advanced `special' support in a dvi driver 
  Tomas Rokicki 
Colour separation and PS 
  Angus Duggan 
Simple colour design with LaTeX2e 
  Sebastian Rahtz, Michel Goossens 
Printing colour pictures 
  Friedhelm Sowa 
Color book production using TeX 
  Michael D. Sofka 
Inside PSTricks 
  Timothy van Zandt, Denis Girou 
A LaTeX style file generator 
  Jon Stenerson 
Document classes and packages in LaTeX2e 
  Johannes Braams 
PS font support in LaTeX2e 
  Alan Jeffrey 
TeX Tools
BibTeX 1.0 
  Oren Patashnik 
A typesetter's toolkit 
  Pierre MacKay 
Symbolic computation for electronic publishing 
  Michael P. Barnett, Kevin R. Perry 
Concurrent use of interactive TeX previewer with an Emacs-type editor 
  Minato Kawaguti, Norio Kitajima 
An Indic TeX preprocessor—Sinhalese TeX 
  Yannis Haralambous 
Pascal pretty-printing: an example of “preprocessing within TeX” 
  Jean-Luc Doumont 
Towards interactivity for TeX 
  Joachim Schrod 
The floating world 
  Chris Rowley, Frank Mittelbach 
Sophisticated page layout with TeX 
  Don Hosek 
Progress in the Omega project 
  John Plaice 
Object-oriented programming, descriptive markup, and TeX 
  Arthur Ogawa 
An object-oriented programming system in TeX 
  William Erik Baxter 
A World Wide Web interface to CTAN 
  Norm Walsh 
First applications of Omega: Adobe Poetica, Arabic, Greek, Khmer 
  Yannis Haralambous, John Plaice 
ε-TeX & NTS: A progress report 
  Philip Taylor 
Publishing and Design
TeX innovations by the Louis-Jean Printing House 
  Maurice Laugier, Yannis Haralambous 
Design by template in a production macro package 
  Michael Downes 
Less is More: Restricting TeX's scope enables complex page layouts 
  Alan Hoenig 
Documents, compuscripts, programs and macros 
  Jonathan Fine 
Integrated system for encyclopaedia typesetting based on TeX 
  Marko Grobelnik, Dunja Mladenić, Darko Zupanič, Borut Žnidar 
An example of a special purpose input language to LaTeX 
  Henry Baragar, Gail E. Harris 
Color pages   397-404 
Participants at the Annual Meeting   405-407 
News & Announcements
Calendar   408-409 
1995 Knuth Scholarship   409-410 
TUG Business
Institutional members   411-412 
TeX consulting and production services   412-413 
TUG Business
TUG membership application   415-416 
Index of advertisers   417 

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