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TUGboat 13:3, October 1992

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TUG 1992 Proceedings (Portland, Oregon)

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Inside front cover   c2 
Title page   249 
Editorial information   250 
President's introduction 
  Malcolm Clark 
Keynote Address
Portable graphics in TeX 
  Malcolm Clark 
Literate programming, a practitioner's view 
  Bart Childs 
A high performance TeX for the Motorola 68000 processor family 
  Steve Hampson, Barry Smith 
Front Ends
Using a high-level language as an aid in writing TeX documents 
  Harry L. Baldwin, Jr. 
T-EDIT, a collection of editing macros for TeX 
  Larry F. Bennett 
Automatic tables using SGML, C, and TeX 
  Robert McGaffey 
Dotex—integrating TeX into the X-window system 
  Anthony J. Starks 
GNU emacs as a front end to LaTeX 
  Kresten Krab Thorup 
Writing reports with more than a hundred people 
  Walter van der Laan, Johannes Braams 
Discovering graphics in LaTeX documents 
  Jackie Damrau 
Preparing halftones for use in TeX 
  Robert L. Harris 
Creating shaded rectangles with PS 
  David Salomon 
Creation and incorporation of PS graphics with TeX-formatted labels into TeX documents 
  Neil A. Weiss 
How to combine multiple languages, PS, and LaTeX 
  Timo Knuutila 
Just give me a lollipop (it makes my heart go giddy-up) 
  Victor Eijkhout 
FoilTeX, a LaTeX-like system for typesetting foils 
  James Hafner 
Typesetting a magazine the easy way 
  Peter Abbott 
File Management
Using TeX for a publications database 
  Mimi Burbank, Donna Burnette 
Future Issues
An audio view of (La)TeX documents 
  T.V. Raman 
Model-based conversions of LaTeX documents 
  Dennis S. Arnon, Isabelle Attali, Paul Franchi-Zannettacci 
LaTeX3 update 
  Chris Rowley 
Workshops   391-392 
Participants at the 1992 TUG Meeting   393-394 
The Donald E. Knuth Scholarship for 1992 and 1993   395-396 
Announcements   395-399 
Calendar   396-397 
TUG 1993 annual meeting, Aston University, UK   398 
TUG 1993 course schedule   399 
TUG Business
Institutional members   400-401 
Consultants   402 
Advertisements   403-412 
Index of advertisers   411 

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