TUG 2020 - Program & participants

Accepted presentations for the conference and registered participants will be listed here as time goes by. For now, please see these links:


  1. Narayana Bhattathiri, Rajeesh KV, Digital typography of Malayalam enters a new phase based on calligraphy
  2. Charles Bigelow, Lorrie Frear, On Barbara Roethlein: America's pioneering legibility researcher
  3. Charles Bigelow, A digital book from 1883: Les Laboureurs
  4. Antoine Bossard, On typesetting an English–Japanese book
  5. Lorrie Frear, Eye charts in focus: The magic of optoypes
  6. Rajeesh KV, Aravind Rajendran, Beyond Roman fonts: Extra dimensions in Malayalam fonts
  7. Aravind Rajendran, LaTeX technologies at work—aesthetically beautiful PDFs on the fly from XML input: XML page composition (XPC) microservice in the cloud
  8. Didier Verna, Experimenting with typesetting algorithms: interactively and in real-time
  9. David Walden, Computerizing publishing and desktop publishing


  1. Barbara Beeton, TUG
  2. Karl Berry
  3. Narayana Bhattathiri, STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd
  4. Charles Bigelow, B&H
  5. Lorrie Frear, RIT
  6. Chuck Garner, Rockdale Magnet School, GA
  7. Kris Holmes, B&H
  8. Rajeesh KV, TeXByte Solutions
  9. Robin Laakso, TeX Users Group
  10. Aravind Rajendran, STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd
  11. Shanmugam Pillai AM, STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd
  12. Qutub Sajib, China University of Geosciences
  13. Herbert Schulz, Naperville, IL
  14. Michael Sofka, Queensbury, NY
  15. Win Treese, Wayland, MA
  16. Didier Verna, EPITA
  17. Boris Veytsman, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and George Mason University
  18. Dave Walden

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