There is no cost for either workshop, and you're welcome to attend either one without coming to the conference itself.

Introductory LaTeX workshop: all day Thursday, July 19

On July 19 we will hold an 8-hour TeX training workshop in Portuguese: from basics to TikZ and beyond; installation clinic and consultants available throughout the day.

To reserve a place in this workshop, please email

R+knitr+LaTeX workshop: (tentatively) Saturday post-talks

Lab notebooks with LaTeX, R and knitr, led by Boris Veytsman.

The work of a research scientist involves keeping daily notebooks. Such a working notebook is a document with text, equations, calculations, figures, tables, code snippets which reflects the current state of the lab research. This workshop teaches how to maintain such notebooks in a TeX/R environment.

Prerequisites: please install the following on your computer— a TeX distribution (preferably TeX Live or MiKTeX), R with packages knitr, tikzDevice and Hmisc. For a front end, we can use either Rstudio or Emacs + AucTeX + ESS.

After you have installed R, you can install knitr, tikzDevice and Hmisc using the R packaging system. Also, Vincent Goulet has constructed convenient Emacs distributions for Windows and Mac systems which include ESS+AUCTeX.

There is no fee for this workshop, but please let us know you're planning to attend it in the comments field on the conference registration form, or email us.

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