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TeX Bits & Bytes: A Conference Newsletter
[ Volume 1, Full Report ]

Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 22:32:34 +0200
From: TUG 2003 Conference Committee 
To: all-tug-members@tug.org
Subject: TUG conference news

TeX BITS & BYTES:  A Conference Newsletter 

Monday, September 9, 2002
Number 1/2002-09-09
This is a brief newsletter on past, present, and future 
TeX Conference happenings by TeX User Groups Worldwide.

1 ///   TUG 2001 Post Conference Bulletin Online
2 ///   EuroBachoTeX 2002, Bachotek, Poland
3 ///   TUG 2002, Thiruvananthapuran, India
4 ///   EuroTeX 2003, Brest, France
5 ///   TUG 2003 Outrigger Waikoloa Beach Resort, Big Island, Hawaii

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5 ///   2003 July 20  - 24: Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii USA
         TUG 2003: SILVER ANNIVERSARY -- 25 YEARS! -- of TeX.
         Outrigger Waikoloa Beach Resort, Big Island, Hawaii

A grand reunion of TeX users worldwide is planned for the 24th Annual
Meeting and Conference of the TeX Users Group in 2003 for the  Silver
Anniversary -- 25 YEARS! -- of TeX.

Professor Hermann Zapf and cartoon artist, Duane Bibby,  will be just two
of what we hope will be a long list of renowned guests and long-time
friends of TeX, who will help us celebrate this wonderful event.

We would like to make this a big gathering of the people who have played a
role in providing you with tools, development, and support for TeX, which
is the best free software available for beautiful typesetting and

All users of TeX (since its birth) are invited to participate as speaker,
attendee, volunteer, sponsor, or donor to help make this conference a

What You Can Do to Help!
You can contribute in several ways to the success of TUG 2003:

1)      Come to the meeting and invite all your TeX friends to come along
too. Register with the very early-lions *before the end of the year 2002*
and no later than April 9, 2003, to benefit from special conference and
accommodation rates.

2)      Make a donation, (however large or small) as a token of
appreciation for having TeX available to you as free software, and let
your colleagues and your bosses know about this meeting so that they too
can contribute towards the event, and to the future development of the TeX
family of programs. TeX is very much alive and doing well both as a
front-end for authors, and a back-end as a tool in the automated processes
that provide easy conversion to XML, PDF, HTML.

3)      Publishers, vendors, and other commercial users, developers, and
distributors of products that use, or are prepared in, TeX (Plain, AmsTeX,
AMSLaTeX, LaTeX, pdfTeX, Metafont, MetaPost, ConTeXt, etc.) can sponsor or
co- sponsor events (coffee breaks, lunches, reception, banquet) and most
of all towards renowned plenary speakers and TUG 2003 as a whole.

4)      The TeX Heritage Committee  chaired by Sebastian Rahtz, will be
organizing projects and happenings for the Silver Anniversary of TeX. 
One of these will be to publish a special volume of reflections  by key 
developers and users of TeX.  The book will be (temporarily) entitled:
  "TeX Retrospective: milestones and byways on the road
  to beautiful typography"  

More information will be published on the website at:

Note:   Generous donors and sponsors ($500.00 or more) will receive
             a complimentary copy of the silver anniversary volume.


So start planning now to join us in Hawaii in body and/or in spirit for
TUG 2003 on July 20 - 24, 2003.   Don't forget to bring along your 


The TUG 2003 Organizers