LaTeX Workshop at Practical TeX 2006

For Practical TeX 2006, we are offering a dedicated hands-on workshop before the conference. To allow sufficient time to cover a significant portion of LaTeX, the workshop will be the four days preceding the conference, from July 25 through July 28 (Tuesday-Friday), from 9am-5pm each day (with breaks, of course). It will take place in the Hill Center for Mathematical Sciences, Room 248.

Class space is limited. Please sign up on the registration page (first come, first served). The teachers will be Cheryl Ponchin and Sue DeMeritt (both from both TUG and the Center for Communications Research).

If you are interested in particular LaTeX topics being covered, please email us. If you're interested, most likely others are too, and the teachers can then plan accordingly.

Attendees may also bring specific problems and, time permitting, the instructors will attempt to work with you on them, likely on the fourth day.

Computers will be provided (if necessary).

Tentative Curriculum

This sample document (pdf output, TeX source, BibTeX source) shows the sorts of features that will be covered.

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