[pdftex] Re: Best bitmap image format?

Michael Chapman pdftex at mchapman.com
Mon Feb 27 10:16:28 CET 2006

On Monday 27 February 2006 5:14 am, Olivier Lefevre wrote:

>  . . .  but it doesn't look like SVG is
> going anywhere useful: even Adobe (its main sponsor) canot muster the
> will to finish its SVG viewer.

	I'd got an odour of decay as well, but was leaving it to the LibreGraphics 
Meeting, next month, to take soundings . . .

	I've been searching for software to convert monochrome silhouettes into 
vector graphics (other than producing silly multi-pointed polygons and no 
	For the moment I'm doing by hand with Xfig. It produces very nice file sizes 
and exports as PDF (again attempts at exporting/converting to SVG have just 
resulted in silly multi-pointed polygons  ---the philosophy seems to be from 
the same school as producing 3-D humans in image from lots of flat triangular 
tiles . . . ).

	What creation/conversion tools (preferably for Linux) is anyone else using?

2) As for screenshots:
The screen is in RGB, the number of pixels is not great and frequently the 
images are highly compressible.
So _initially_ why lose quality: save as lossless RGB(?) and preferably with 
compression . .  so it (almost) must be PNG.

I'd save those original PNGs if the project has any likely 'future' (what you 
copy/convert them to for immediate use is what has been well discussed above! 
 -and what I guess was the core of your question).

Michael Chapman

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