[pdftex] Re: Error building pdftex 1.30.6 on cygwin

Olivier Lefevre lefevrol at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 25 13:45:21 CET 2006

> This problem was raised in the past few days on the tetex list.

Ah yes I see it now. Just ignore my other post on the teTeX list when
it finally appears there ;-) The build worked fine after commenting out 
the offending line in stdio.h

> The only Win32 distro with really current binaries is  Kakuto's Win32TeX:

The link does not work right now and in any case, this being Japan, in
all likelihood the INSTALL, README etc will all be in japanese.

> This has pdftex-1.40-beta binaries 

Is there a list of all new features somewhere? I looked at the teTeX dev 
mailing list but it's more like a feature drip than a full list.


-- O.L.

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