[pdftex] Revisiting (About CJKbookmarks)

Edward G.J. Lee edt1023 at ms17.hinet.net
Thu Feb 23 09:51:40 CET 2006

On Thu, Feb 23, 2006, Ross Moore wrote:
> So if I want to replace the strings 'lambda', 'alpha', 'omega', etc.
> by appropriate unicode representations,
>  a.  what needs to go into the .out file ?

  The UTF-16BE octal of 'lambda', 'alpha', 'omega'?

  For 'omaga' it would be '\003\251'. That is,

  \Omega  =>  \003\251
  I'm not sure who(pdfTeX or hyperref or any other tools)
  should do this job.

>  d.  what actual font will be used in the PDF browser ?
>      Do I need to supply font subsets inside the .pdf file ?

  AFAIK, PDF browser use system's font to display PDF text
  string in the PDF outline, text annotations and document

  I don't know if PDF brwoser can use the font embedded in
  the PDF file when render the text string in the PDF outline.

  The problem is PDF spec use two encoding in PDF text string

  1. PDFDocEncoding(super set of latin1).
  2. Unicode character encoding(UTF-16BE).

  So it is problem to use the font embedded in PDF file, I think.

> Also,
>   Is it possible to use different typefaces ?
>   Can super/sub-scripts be supported in bookmarks ?
> If so, how ?

  If your system has a full supported Unicode font maybe it
  can do some partial 'translation', I think.
  [Note] I don't mean AR/Kpdf or pdfTeX/hyperref have this
         function so far.

  But maybe I'm wrong. :)


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