[pdftex] Revisiting (About CJKbookmarks)

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Feb 23 02:24:10 CET 2006

Hi all,

I want to revisit this thread, but in connection with placing
mathematical symbols into bookmarks.

On 13/02/2006, at 3:28 PM, Edward G.J. Lee wrote:

>>>   But is it possible change the PDF outlines' encoding to UTF-16BE
>>>   via hyperref or CJK itself?
>> I am not a CJK expert, something for Werner.
>> The problem will be the recodings, I don't think someone wants to
>> implement something like
>>         &Encode::from_to($char, "Big5", "UCS-2");
>> at TeX macro level.
>> hyperref offers two hooks where the outline strings can be
>> manipulated:
>> * \pdfstringdefPreHook: This hook is used before the
>>   string is expanded and is mainly used for redefinitions;
>   Thanks for the hint.
>   But I don't think I can write the TeX macro to convert the encoding
>   to UTF16BE [yet]. :)
>> * \pdfstringdefPostHook#1: #1 contains the macro with the
>>   expanded bookmark string. Thus the bookmark string
>>   can be postprocessed.

The string resulting from this gets written to the  .out file.
It's not until the next run of pdfTeX that the correct bookmarks

This means that it should also be possible to preprocess the .out
file before the next run; e.g. using

   <some system command or script> \jobname.out

So if I want to replace the strings 'lambda', 'alpha', 'omega', etc.
by appropriate unicode representations,

  a.  what needs to go into the .out file ?

  b.  what else needs to be done ?
       e.g.  options to hyperref, or \hypersetup

  c.  what version of pdfTeX is needed ?

  d.  what actual font will be used in the PDF browser ?
      Do I need to supply font subsets inside the .pdf file ?

   Is it possible to use different typefaces ?
   Can super/sub-scripts be supported in bookmarks ?
If so, how ?

> 	Edward

Thanks for any advice on this kind of thing.


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