[pdftex] Duplex printing?

Michael Chapman pdftex at mchapman.com
Thu Feb 16 18:10:19 CET 2006

	We've had lots of fun with similar 'problems'. Ours included not only duplex 
on/off but also setting colour/monochrome, etc.

	Our version of Acrobat flips up a window when you click on  "Print" the 
first line of which reads: 
	Printer	Command:  /usr/bin/lpr
(You say you are on Linux, so suspect you get something similar.)
Calling up (on a terminal) 
	>man lpr
will give you some basic instructions (but it didn't answer our problem -it 
does though tell you whether adding the suffixed instruction -# 99 or -n 99 
gets you 99 copies ... I always forget which .... and some other trivial 

	Our driver adds a lot to the 'lpr' instruction you never see. I copied this 
by requesting Acroread to print a large/complex PDF then once it starts 
trying to print it:
	>ps -Af > tmp_file.txt
Which copies all running process instructions (one per line) to a temporary 
file. Near the end of that file should be a very long line with things like 
SecialDuplexMode=On and other fairly easily interpretable bits in it. If 
there is then some educated editing of the commands should do it.

	Problem is I've found no way of getting Acroread to 'remember' this (but 
then you can always make a little script 'mylpr' that executes 'lpr 
	Personally I gave in and now use XPP (try >xpp) because it is so easy.

	Hope this helps,

		Michael Chapman

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