[pdftex] Duplex printing?

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 16 08:57:12 CET 2006

> > You can't embed some magic in a pdf that will force it to print
> > duplex. At least nothing that could be used by normal printers.
> This isn't a "normal" printer and is quite happy to print duplex from
> openoffice. But
> something in pdftex output turns the duplex feature off.  The ppd file tells
> me exactly what to put in a postscript file to turn duplex on (or off). If worse
> comes to worse, I will convert the pdf to ps and insert the stuff with a little
> script, but I can't quite believe that I'm the first person in the world to want
> to use pdftex with a duplex capable postscript printer and that noone
> has implemented
> this.

none of our kyocera printers (fs3820 x2, 5016 x3 and 9520 x2)
accept anything other than postscript (though they call it kpdl:
presumably they've "enhanced" postscript and can't bear not to have
their name in it).  they all have duplexers (and the 9520s have

how are you outputting to the printer?  indeed, what operating system
are you using?

since you talk about a ppd, i wonder if you're being fooled by the
insane printer drivers that they supply for use under widnoze? -- i
was for quite a while.  if you _are_ using widnoze, i could possibly
help you.

if you're using linux, i could talk to our guy who modified our print
spooler for the new printers (we've had them <2 years -- just got fed
up with hp's appalling service and have sworn off buying hp).


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