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sdj at tiscali.it sdj at tiscali.it
Mon Feb 6 15:42:52 CET 2006

Dear All,

Please accept my apologies if this is not the correct forum where to 
forward my querie.

I am having some trouble with including both png and eps images in one 
latex document.

If I build my file using the TeXnicCentre MikTex LateX=>PS=>PDF build 
command, I end up with a pdf document which is perfectly formatted, but 
where all my png files are displayed in black & white.

If instead I build my output file using the LateX=>DVI command I end 
up with a dvi file which is not perfectly formatted, but where both my 
eps and png files are displayed in colour.

My question is the following: Is there a way to include both coloured 
png and coloured eps graphics in one document (without transforming the 
eps files to pdf using eps2pdf ) ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,

P.S. I use the package graphicx & color

Pepe S. D. Juevara

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