Hey—It Works!

Jeremy Gibbons wrote a regular column, Hey—It Works!, originally for TeX and TUG News, the quarterly newsletter of the TeX Users Group, and later for TUGboat. The column was devoted to elegant and useful tips and tricks for TeX, LaTeX and friends. Jeremy has very kindly allowed the TUG web site to become the home of this repository.
Thank you, Jeremy, for your time and effort!

Back issues

TTN 2,2:
Lining up decimal points (Navindra Gambhir), Headings in reference lists (Hans Guesgen) (see also TTN 2,3), How to pattern match in TeX (Alan Jeffrey). dvi and ps.
TTN 2,3:
More on margin marks (Klaus Lagally), Correct spacing for tables and arrays (Claudio Beccari), Labelling equations by names (Charles Wells). dvi and ps.
TTN 2,4:
One-column material below two-column (Christina Thiele), Striking through text (David Lau), Thicker \hlines in LaTeX alignments (Anita Hoover), Footnotes with verbatim material. dvi and ps.
TTN 3,1:
Italic correction everywhere (Donald Arseneau), Plain TeX, self-prompting label maker (Ed Baker), A style for dropped capitals (Fred Lauwers). dvi and ps.
TTN 3,2:
Non-nested braces (Donald Arseneau), Overlaying symbols (Jeremy Gibbons), Making tables by iteration (Navindra Gambhir). dvi and ps.
TTN 3,3:
A page-numbering scheme (David Salomon), Addresses in headings (Jeremy Gibbons) (see also TTN 3,4), A double summation sign (Gerree Pecht), Matrix icons via LaTeX (Kees van der Laan). dvi and ps.
TTN 3,4:
More on addresses in headings (Kees van der Laan, Michael Barr, Mike Piff), Under- and over-brackets and parentheses (Michael Barr), Self-expanding acronyms (John Langer) (see also TTN 4,1). dvi and ps.
TTN 4,1:
More on self-expanding acronyms (Paul Thompson), Evolving acronyms (Peter Schmitt), Cross-references in the bibliography (Charles Wells). dvi and ps.
TTN 4,2:
Automatic sizing of left, right, and middle (Donald Arseneau), Labelling footnotes in LaTeX (Alvar Wenzel), Dividing a table alphabetically (Allan Reese) (see also TUGboat 18,2). dvi and ps.
At this point, TeX and TUG News folded, and the column moved to TUGboat:

TUGboat 18,2:
More on Dividing a table alphabetically (Jonathan Fine), Long division (Barbara Beeton and Donald Arseneau), Side-by-side figures (Christina Thiele), Enumerated arrays (Dennis Kletzing). dvi and ps.
TUGboat 18,4:
Removing a counter from a reset list (Donald Arseneau), Default rule thickness (Ramon Casares), Small verbatim material (Jeremy Gibbons). dvi and ps.
TUGboat 19,1:
Determining the page range of a document (Paul Hafner), Text italics in maths mode (Jeremy Gibbons), Anti-appending rule (Ramon Casares), Closed surface integral (Donald Arseneau). dvi and ps.
TUGboat 19,2:
Smart spaced macros everywhere (Robert Tolksdorf), Dashed lines (Pedro Aphalo), Double-headed arrows (Jeremy Gibbons). dvi and ps.
TUGboat 19,4:
Controlling abbreviations in BibTeX (Jeroen Nijhof), A small minus sign (Jeremy Gibbons), Ornamental rules (Christina Thiele) (see also TUGboat 20,2). dvi and ps.
TUGboat 20,2:
Switchable marginal notes (Jeremy Gibbons), Smoothing augmented paths in METAPOST (Andreas Scherer), Every point a period (Ramon Casares). dvi and ps.
TUGboat 20,4:
Ornamental boxes (Jeremy Gibbons). dvi and ps.
TUGboat 21,1:
Decimal comma (unknown author), Two decimal digits (Andre van Ryckeghem), Number of parameter tokens (Pedro Palao Gostanza). dvi and ps.

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