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TUGboat 8:1, April 1987

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Index of advertisers   c2 
TUG—Job opening, Technical assistant   c3 
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Title page   
Editorial information   
Addresses   3-4 
General Delivery
President's message 
  Bart Childs 
General Delivery   5-7 
Acknowledgement of contributions 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
Donald E. Knuth Scholarship 
  Jackie Damrau 
It happened: Announcement of TeX 2.1 
  Donald Knuth 
News of TeX users in Mexico 
  Kurt Bernardo Wolf 
Attention, Australian TUG members 
  Linda Krick 
Book publishing using TeX 
  Tony Siegman 
TeX Output for the Future 
  Leslie Lamport 
WEB adapted to C, another approach 
  Silvio Levy 
Mixing right-to-left texts with left-to-right texts 
  Donald Knuth, Pierre MacKay 
Font Forum
Some empirical observations on Metafont design 
  Georgia K.M. Tobin 
Write-white printing engines and tuning fonts with Metafont 
  Neenie Billawala 
Metafont mode_def settings for various TeX output devices 
  Barbara Beeton 
Typesetting on PCs
A new TeX-based book typesetting package for the Macintosh   34 
Output Devices
Charts: TeX output devices   34-40 
Public domain TeX DVI driver family 
  Nelson Beebe 
DVItoVDU 1.7 and PSPRINT 1.1 
  Andrew Trevorrow 
Benson-Varian 9211 looking for a home 
  George M. Ogilvie 
Site Reports
Notes from TeXhax 
  Malcolm Brown 
TeX & Co. on the ST, Part 2 
  Edgar Fuß 
Site Reports   46-48 
Data General distribution news 
  Bart Childs 
TeX82 and Metafont84 for the HP1000 A-series 
  Tor Lillqvist 
Prime 50 series site report 
  John Crawford 
Multiple, independent marks 
  Jim Fox 
Form letter macros 
  John S. Garavelli 
AutoLetter: A TeX form letter procedure 
  Edwin V. Bell, II 
Contents of LaTeX style collection as of 15th February 1987 
  Ken Yap 
Form letters 
  Graeme McKinstry 
LaTeX's Index Processing 
  Maurizio Zocchi 
Typesetting `Normaltext' 
  Reinhard Wonneberger 
TeX does windows: A progress report 
  Alan Hoenig 
Problem for a Saturday afternoon 
  Donald Knuth 
APA style in LaTeX 
  Jennifer Dyck 
Queries   74-75 
Chemical formulae 
  Judy Hawkins 
Ancient non-Roman languages 
  James R. Celoni 
International Phonetic Alphabet 
  Boyd Michailovsky 
Line numbering 
  Lawrence D. Cutter 
Dictionary formatting 
  David Nash 
Letters   75-77 
Printing out selected pages 
  Helen S. Horstman 
Wanted: Help for beginners 
  Raymond A. Ryan 
More hyphenation exceptions 
  Anders Thulin 
New fonts for mathematics? 
  William A. McWorter 
News & Announcements
Workshop on Font Design Systems (Sophia-Antipolis, France, 18–19 May 1987)   77 
News & Announcements   77-78 
Special Spring Quarter course (Stanford, Donald Knuth): TeX: The Program: A case study in software design   77 
Call for Papers: Electronic Publishing, Document Manipulation and Typography inde(Nice, France, 20–22 April 1988)   78-87 
Calendar   79-80 
Institutional members   81-82 
TUG membership application   83-84 
TeX order form   85-86 
Advertisements   87-96 
Computers & Typesetting: Errata and Changes 
TUG Membership List 

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