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TUGboat 7:3, October 1986

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TUG—Job opening, Technical assistant   c3 
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Title page   125 
Addresses   127-128 
General Delivery
Message from the President 
  Bart Childs 
General Delivery   129-133 
Donald E. Knuth Scholarship   130 
1987 Annual Meeting, Call for papers: TeX for the Humanities 
  Pierre MacKay 
Report from ANSI X3V1 
  Lawrence A. Beck 
Towards a TeX philology group 
  Reinhard Wonneberger 
An idea exchange on TeX training 
  Laurie Mann 
Another approach to multiple changefiles 
  Klaus Guntermann, Wolfgang Rülling 
WEB adapted to C 
  Klaus Guntermann, Joachim Schrod 
Tib: A reference setting package for TeX 
  James Alexander 
Packed file format update 
  Tomas Rokicki 
Hyphenation exception log   145 
Notes on typeface protection 
  Charles Bigelow 
Building Computer Modern Fonts 
  John Sauter 
Output Devices
TeX and Macintosh—new directions in Preview 
  Rick Jansen 
Crudetype: An adaptable device driver 
  R.M. Damerell 
Site Reports
TeX hax returns 
  Malcolm Brown 
CDC Cyber site report 
  Jim Fox 
Site Reports   164-167 
Porting TeX to the Atari ST 
  Klaus Guntermann 
MVS TeX site report 
  Craig Platt 
CMS TeX site report 
  Alan Spragens 
Typesetting on PCs
Real typesetting from your personal computer 
  Alan Hoenig, Mitch Pfeffer 
Harnessing TeX to compute third root of unity primes 
  Klaus Thull 
Statistical graphics with TeX 
  Hans Ehrbar 
Call for participation 
  Jackie Damrau, Ken Yap 
LaTeX bugs 
  Leslie Lamport 
Chapter mottos and optional semi-parameters 
  Reinhard Wonneberger 
A LaTeX addition for formatting indexes 
  Thomas Hofmann 
IdxTeX and GloTeX—indexes and glossaries 
  Richard Aurbach 
Change bars 
  Jim Fox 
Queries   187 
Form letters 
  John Lee 
Bugs in Metafontware 
  Wayne Sewell 
News & Announcements
Calendar   190 
News & Announcements   190-194 
INRIA course: Structures for Documents, Aussois, France, January 19–23, 1987   191 
Japanese TeX Users Group 
  Yoshio Ohno 
Metafont, TeX and the Humanities, Rennes, France   191 
TeX in Europe, Summer 1986 
  Barbara Beeton 
Contents: Proceedings of “TeX for Scientific Documentation”, Strasbourg, France, June 19–21, 1986   193-194 
Late-Breaking News
The Tiger-TeX Workstation 
  Susanne Lachmann 
News & Announcements
Institutional members   196-197 
Index of advertisers   198 
TUG membership application   199-200 
TeX order form   201-202 
Computers & Typesetting: Errata and Changes 
TUG Membership List 

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