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TUGboat 5:2, November 1984

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Addresses of officers, authors and others   74 
Official announcements   75 
General Delivery
Message from the President 
  Pierre MacKay 
General Delivery   76-78 
Report of the Publications Committee 
  Robert Welland 
Report of the Special Projects Committee 
  Arthur M. Keller 
Submitting items to TUGboat 
  Barbara Beeton 
First principles of typographic design for document production 
  Richard Southall 
How to run TeX in a French environment: Hyphenation, fonts, typography 
  Jacques Désarménien 
Editor's introduction 
  Helmut Jürgensen 
German hyphenation and Umlauts in TeX 
  Bernd Schulze 
A course on Metafont programming 
  Donald Knuth 
A Chinese meta-font 
  John D. Hobby, Gu Guoan 
Output Devices
Chart: Output devices and computers   137 
Output Devices   137-140 
Index to sample output from various devices   138 
Dvi_QMS: An example of a driver 
  Tomas Rokicki 
  Tomas Rokicki 
Site Reports
News from the TeX Project 
  David Fuchs 
Site Reports   141-144 
TeX users' activity in Germany   141 
Prime site report 
  John Crawford 
Unix TeX site report 
  Richard Furuta 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Barry Smith 
Feedback from TeX users at Lockheed 
  Carlos A. Felippa 
“small” TeX
Table of “small” TeX implementations 
  Lance Carnes 
Mathematical communication with a deaf and blind student using TeX 
  Malcolm Clark 
News & Announcements
News & Announcements   146-147 
Calendar   146 
Call for papers: TeX for scientific documentation, Varenna, Italy, May 16–17, 1985   147 
TUG Business
TUG 1984 financial report with comparisons 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
TUG Business   148-152 
Report of the August 1984 SC meeting 
  Chuck Dupree 
Profile of TeX installations available to TUG members   153-155 
Talaris talks TeX   156-157 
Advertisements   156-160 
Quality Micro Systems, Inc.   158 
Textset, Inc.   159 
The Metafoundry   160 
Instructors wanted for TUG courses   160 
Membership application and order form   161-164 
Miscellaneous   161-168 
Order form for AMS publications   165-166 
TeX82 order form   167-168 
The TeXbook: Errata and changes 
TUG Membership list 

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