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TUGboat 4:2, September 1983

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Addresses of officers, authors and others   50 
Official announcements   51 
General Delivery
Message from the President 
  Pierre MacKay 
General Delivery   52-59 
Minutes of the July 1983 TUG Steering Committee meeting 
  Susan Plass 
Outgoing Steering Committee meeting, July 15, 1983 
  Chuck Dupree 
Summary of the technical program, July 1983 TUG meeting 
  Barbara Beeton 
Participants, TUG meeting and AmSTeX82 short course   57-69 
Final report of the Bylaws Committee 
  Susan Plass 
TUG—TUG Operating Procedures   60-61 
TUG Treasurer's report 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
Report on ANSI X3J6 
  Lynne Price 
A note on hyphenation 
  Donald Knuth 
TeX vs. INITeX 
  David Fuchs 
TeXhax summary 
  David Fuchs 
Output Devices
Chart: Output devices and computers   71 
Site Reports
News from the TeX Project 
  David Fuchs 
Site Reports   72-76 
TeX82 on Honeywell CP-6 
  Rick Mallett 
IBM site report 
  Susan Plass 
Unix TeX site report 
  Richard Furuta 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Monte Nichols 
Revised Varian output driver in VAX/VMS Fortran 
  Jim Mooney 
TeX for Arabic script 
  Pierre MacKay 
“small” TeX
Table of “small” TeX implementations 
  Lance Carnes 
Problems from the TUG meeting: Framed slides; Multiple marks 
  Lynne Price 
TUGboat macro index   79-80 
First line of paragraph 
  Jim Sterken 
Letters et alia
Letters et alia   81-102 
Observations on TeX from a divergent viewpoint: Introduction and Memo to STI staff 
  Samuel B. Whidden, J.R. Roesser 
Observations on TeX from a divergent viewpoint: Comments, response, and reresponse 
  Donald Knuth, David Fuchs, Michael Spivak, Richard Palais, Barbara Beeton, J.R. Roesser 
Late-Breaking News
Summary of AmSTeX 
  Michael Spivak 
Textset, Inc.   127 
Advertisements   127-128 
TeX lectures on tape   127 
Imagen Corporation—Intelligent page printer systems   128 
TeX82 Order Form   129-130 
Membership application and order form   131-132 
TeX and Metafont: Errata and changes 
    Bonus online supplement: all errors in the September 1978 TeX user manual that were known on November 4, 1978: pdf, plain text.
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