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TUG 2011 Proceedings

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TUG 2011
TUG 2011 conference information 
    participants, sponsors, thanks
TUG 2011 in India 
  Barbara Beeton 
TeX online communities—discussion and content 
  Stefan Kottwitz      [Introductory — comparison of many TeX online communities and paradigms]
LaTeX training through spoken tutorials 
  Kannan Moudgalya      [Introductory — conducting workshops using screencasts with voice-over]
Electronic Documents
e-Readers and LaTeX 
  Alan Wetmore      [Intermediate — reviewing the Nook, Kobo, iRiver, and especially their support for LaTeX-generated PDFs]
Ebooks and paper sizes: Output routines made easier 
  Boris Veytsman, Michael Ware      [Intermediate Plus — avoiding physical pages when paginating for ebooks]
LaTeX to ePub 
  Rishi T      [Intermediate Plus — description of workflow using LaTeX, TeX4ht, and XML to generate ePub]
A dream of computing and LaTeXing together: A reality with SageTeX 
  Manjusha Joshi      [Intermediate — embedding math computation and output directly in LaTeX documents]
Multi-target publishing 
  Axel Kielhorn      [Intermediate — generating ePub, PDF, and more, from Markdown using pandoc]
On the use of TeX as an authoring language for HTML5 
  S.K. Venkatesan      [Intermediate Plus — proposed TeX macros for important HTML elements]
An XML model of CSS3 as an XLaTeX-TeXML-HTML5 stylesheet language 
  S. Sankar, S. Mahalakshmi, L. Ganesh      [Intermediate Plus — recasting CSS to XML for validation, and generating TeX]
Towards evidence-based typography: Literature review and experiment design 
  Boris Veytsman, Leyla Akhmadeeva      [Introductory — review of experiments on how typography does and does not affect reading]
A comparative study of methods for bibliographies 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Advanced — comparison of BibTeX extensions and future directions]
The hletter class and style for producing flexible letters and page headings 
  Brian Housley      [Intermediate — letters with logos, headers and footers, data merging, two signees, and more]
Towards LaTeX coding standards 
  Didier Verna      [Intermediate Plus — LaTeX code quality, the programming community, and filehook]
TUG 2011 abstracts 
  Kaveh Bazargan, David Crossland, CV Radhakrishnan, Jean-Luc Doumont, Frank Mittelbach, Ross Moore, Rishi T, Karel Skoupý, Petr Sojka, Dominik Wujastyk 
LaTeX news, issue 20 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Introductory — scheduled LaTeX bug-fix release; continued development; release notes]
The meetings LaTeX class: Hierarchically organized meeting agendas and minutes 
  Brian Beitzel      [Intermediate — supporting agendas, hidden items, and standard sectioning in minutes]
Collaborative LaTeX writing with Google Docs 
  Igor Ruiz-Agundez      [Intermediate — supporting LaTeX authoring in Google Docs via make]
Glisterings: Verbatim arguments; truncating long text 
  Peter Wilson 
Some LaTeX2e tricks and tips (IV) 
  Luca Merciadri      [Intermediate — boxing an equation; title pages; text below an image; line spacing; left brace for subequations]
Software & Tools
TeX as you like it: The interpreter package 
  Paul Isambert      [Intermediate Plus — minimal and arbitrary input syntax via LuaTeX]
PARCAT—Applying TeX in industry 
  Wiktor Dziubiński, Marcin Woliński, Grzegorz Murzynowski      [Advanced — printing large multi-lingual product catalogues with XeLaTeX]
TUG Libre Font Fund, Google Web Fonts, and Kickstarter 
  David Crossland      [Introductory — collaboration providing funding for new open/free font designs]
Book Reviews
Book review: Bodoni, Manual of Typography—Manuale tipografico (1818) 
  Boris Veytsman      [Reports and notices — review of this complete reprint edition (Taschen)]
Book review: LaTeX and friends, by Marc van Dongen 
  Boris Veytsman      [Reports and notices — review of this introduction to LaTeX]
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, July–October 2011]
ArsTeXnica: Contents of issues 11–12 (2011)   362 
Die TeXnische Komödie: Contents of issue 3/2011   363 
The PracTeX Journal: Contents of issue 2011-1   364 
TeX consulting and production services   365 
TUG Business
Institutional members   366 
Calendar   367 
TUG 2012 announcement   368 

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