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TUG 2010 Proceedings

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TUG 2010 conference information 
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TUG 2010
TUG 2010 conference report 
  David Walden      [Introductory — notable events and a table showing the breadth of presentations]
An Earthshaking Announcement 
  Donald Knuth      [Introductory — iTeX*]
         (The video has extra features.)
TUG 2010 Panel: Don Knuth & Stanford TeX Project members 
  David Walden      [Introductory — edited transcript of the panel discussion]
Thoughts on TUG 2010 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — reflections on the 25 anniversary conference]
CTAN packages get keywords 
  Jim Hefferon      [Introductory — keywords and topical characterizations of all CTAN packages]
From PostScript to PDF with epstopdf, pdftricks, pst-pdf, auto-pst-pdf, pst2pdf, and more 
  Herbert Voß      [Intermediate — using PSTricks, EPS images, et al., while creating PDF output]
Improving margin paragraphs 
  Stephen Hicks      [Advanced — avoiding marginal notes off the bottom of the page, and more]
Using LaTeX to generate dynamic mathematics worksheets for the web 
  Pavneet Arora      [Intermediate — mathematical practice as a learning strategy for grade school mathematics]
Writing the first LaTeX book 
  Walter Gander      [Intermediate — first use of LaTeX for a book, a numerical analysis textbook in German]
TeX helps you learn Chinese character meanings 
  Alan Hoenig      [Intermediate — design and production of ezchinesey.com books]
Expanding Horizons
Classes, styles, conflicts: The biological realm of LaTeX 
  Didier Verna      [Intermediate Plus — an extended analogy between LaTeX and biological organisms and viruses]
Software & Tools
TeX Live 2010 news 
  Karl Berry      [Introductory — summary of notable changes in the TeX Live 2010 software release]
LuaTeX 0.60: An overview of changes 
  Taco Hoekwater, Hartmut Henkel      [Intermediate — notable changes since LuaTeX 0.40: CWEB, .ttc support, more]
LuaTeX: PDF merging 
  Hans Hagen      [Intermediate Plus — merging PDF images, with links and layers, in LuaTeX and ConTeXt]
The TeX paragraph builder in Lua 
  Hans Hagen      [Advanced — reimplementing the TeX line breaking algorithm in Lua]
Thirty years of literate programming and more? 
  Bart Childs      [Intermediate — introduction to, experiences with, state of literate programming]
Dynamic reporting with R/Sweave and LaTeX 
  Uwe Ziegenhagen      [Intermediate Plus — integration and literate programming of LaTeX with the statistical programming language R]
A web-based TeX previewer: The ecstasy and the agony 
  Michael Doob      [Intermediate Plus — constructing a security-conscious on-line TeX previewer]
         texwebviewer.tex companion source
Language Support
Qur'ānic typography comes of age: Æsthetics, layering, and paragraph optimization in ConTeXt 
  Idris Hamid      [Advanced — advanced Arabic typography in the Oriental TeX project]
Asymptote: Interactive TeX-aware 3D vector graphics 
  John Bowman      [Intermediate Plus — advances in Asymptote's 3D processing and more]
Drawing structured diagrams with SDDL 
  Mathieu Bourgeois, Roger Villemaire      [Intermediate Plus — producing diagrams for discrete mathematics and computer science]
Unicode mathematics in LaTeX: Advantages and challenges 
  Will Robertson      [Intermediate Plus — background, current fonts, and futures for Unicode math typesetting]
Math never seen 
  Johannes Küster      [Intermediate — quality criteria for mathematical symbols, with many examples and a proposal for a new gcd symbol]
Are virtual fonts obsolete? 
  Boris Veytsman      [Advanced — modern uses for virtual fonts, with discussion of fonts in XeTeX]
Electronic Documents
TeX in the GLAMP world: On-demand creation of documents online 
  Boris Veytsman, Leyla Akhmadeeva      [Intermediate — creation of medical pedigrees via the web, and initial educational use]
LaTeX profiles as objects in the category of markup languages 
  William Hammond      [Intermediate Plus — reliable automatic translations between markup languages]
TUG 2010 abstracts 
  Kaveh Bazargan, William Cheswick, Jean-Luc Doumont, Steve Grathwohl, David Ruddy, Hans Hagen, Taco Hoekwater, John Hobby, Jonathan Kew, Frank Mittelbach, Ross Moore, Chris Rowley, Robert Rundell 
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TUG 2011 election 
  Jim Hefferon 

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