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Title page   
General Delivery
From the President 
  Karl Berry      [Introductory — In memoriam; TeX Collection 2009; book of TUG interviews; server hardware; conferences; joint memberships]
         In memoriam: Helmut Kopka, Eitan Gurari
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    Helmut Kopka, 1932–2009;     Eitan Gurari, 1947–2009;     A short history of type
Helmut Kopka, 1932–2009 
  Patrick Daly      [Introductory — the first author of A Guide to LaTeX, in memoriam]
Software & Tools
DVI specials for PDF generation 
  Jin-Hwan Cho      [Intermediate Plus — concise description of DVI specials used in DVIPDFMx]
Ancient TeX: Using XeTeX to support classical and medieval studies 
  David Perry      [Introductory — Unicode, OpenType, and XeTeX, with a focus on usage in classics]
  Jan Přichystal      [Introductory — a customizable, secure web application for running (La)TeX]
Typographers' Inn 
  Peter Flynn      [Introductory — The electronic book; Breaking the mold; RIOTING TYPOGRAPHERS; Periodic table of typefaces]
OpenType Math Illuminated 
  Ulrik Vieth      [Advanced — detailed comparison of OpenType and TeX math font parameters]
A closer look at TrueType fonts and pdfTeX 
  Hàn Thế Thành      [Intermediate — using TrueType directly with pdfTeX, with care for glyph names and encodings]
The Open Font Library 
  David Crossland      [Introductory — announcement of a web site collecting redistributable and modifiable fonts]
Managing bibliographies with LaTeX 
  Lapo Mori      [Introductory — survey of bibliography support, including natbib and biblatex]
Software & Tools
Managing languages within MlBibTeX 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen      [Advanced — specifying natural languages in bibliographies to ConTeXt and LaTeX]
Asymptote: Lifting TeX to three dimensions 
  John Bowman, Orest Shardt      [Intermediate Plus — generation of interactive three-dimensional output, embeddable in PDF]
Supporting layout routines in MetaPost 
  Wentao Zheng      [Intermediate — approaches to (semi-)automatically laying out objects in MetaPost]
Glisterings: Reprise; pdfLaTeX and MetaPost; Spidrons 
  Peter Wilson 
MetaPost macros for drawing Chinese and Japanese abaci 
  Denis Roegel      [Intermediate Plus — drawing abaci and illustrating their operation]
Spheres, great circles and parallels 
  Denis Roegel      [Advanced — drawing correct spheres and their components with MetaPost]
An introduction to nomography: Garrigues' nomogram for the computation of Easter 
  Denis Roegel      [Advanced — background of Easter calculations and reproduction in MetaPost]
LaTeX3 news, issues 1–2 
  LaTeX Project Team      [Introductory — LaTeX3 news installments: what exists, what's coming]
LaTeX3 programming: External perspectives 
  Joseph Wright      [Intermediate — summary of key ideas in the LaTeX3 programming interface]
Implementing key–value input: An introduction 
  Joseph Wright, Christian Feuersänger      [Intermediate — tutorial on using keyval, kvoptions, xkeyval, pgfkeys, both LaTeX and plain TeX]
Current typesetting position in pdfTeX 
  Vít Zýka      [Intermediate — description and example usage of pdfTeX extensions for obtaining the current position on the page]
In response to “mathematical formulæ” 
  Kaihsu Tai 
In response to Kaihsu Tai 
  Massimo Guiggiani, Lapo Mori 
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages from June 2008 through June 2009]
ArsTeXnica: Contents of issues 5–7 (2008–2009)   131 
Baskerville: Contents of issue 10.1 (2009)   133 
Eutypon: Contents of issue 21 (October 2008)   133 
Die TeXnische Komödie: Contents of issues 2008/2–2009/2   134 
MAPS: Contents of issues 36–37 (2008)   136 
The PracTeX Journal: Contents of issues 2008-2–2008-3   138 
TeXemplares: Contents of issue 8 (2006)   139 
Zpravodaj: Contents of issues 16(2)–18(4) (2006–2008)   140 
TUG Business
Institutional members   144 
TUG 2009 election report 
  Barbara Beeton 
TeX Development Fund 2009 report 
  TeX Development Fund committee 
TUG financial statements for 2008 
  David Walden 
Calendar   151 
TeX consulting and production services   152 

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