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TUGboat 3:1, March 1982

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Addresses of officers, authors and others   
Official announcements   
General Delivery
Statement of editorial policy 
  Barbara Beeton 
General Delivery   3-6 
Report on the January 1982 TUG Steering Committee meeting 
  Robert Morris 
Program, TUG Winter meeting, January 11–12, 1982, Cincinnati, Ohio   
Attendees, TUG Winter meeting, January 11–12, 1982, Cincinnati, Ohio   
Open letter to TUG 
  Robert McGaffey, Keith Penny 
Report on the ANSI X3J6 meeting 
  Lynne Price 
Fixed-point glue setting—an example of WEB 
  Donald Knuth 
Site Reports
  Michael Frisch 
HP3000 site report 
  Lance Carnes 
Site Reports   28-32 
TeX at the University of Milan 
  G. Canzii, D. Lucarella, A. Pilenga 
TeX news from Pisa 
  L. Aiello, S. Pavan 
VAX/VMS site report 
  Monte Nichols 
“small” TeX
Editor's introduction 
  Lance Carnes 
Warnings & Limitations
Another hangup 
  Barbara Beeton 
TUGboat macro index   33-35 
Editor's introduction 
  Lynne Price 
Display of a font in table form 
  Roger L. Beeman 
Seating charts 
  Roger L. Beeman 
Problems from the TeXarcana class: Answer to the challenge problem   43-44 
Late-Breaking News
TUG 1981 Treasurer's report   45-46 
TUG financial reports 
  Samuel B. Whidden 
TUG 1982 Budget   46-47 
Instructions for submitting TUGboat articles on magnetic tape 
Membership application and order form 
TeX and Metafont Errata 
TUG membership list 

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