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Practical TeX 2004 Proceedings (San Francisco, California)

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Front cover   c1 
News & Announcements
Practical TeX 2005, 14–17 June 2005, Chapel Hill, North Carolina   c3 
Inside front cover   c2 
Contents ordered by difficulty   c3 
Title page   
Practical TeX 2004
Highlights of the Practical TeX 2004 conference 
  Lance Carnes 
Conference program, delegates, and sponsors   
Welcome to Practical TeX 2004 
  Karl Berry 
25 Years of TeX and Metafont: Looking back and looking forward — TUG 2003 keynote address 
  Nelson Beebe 
TeX and the interfaces — Practical TeX 2004 keynote address 
  Peter Flynn 
Micro-typographic extensions of pdfTeX in practice 
  Hàn Thế Thành 
TeX4ht: HTML production 
  Eitan Gurari 
The state of ConTeXt 
  Hans Hagen 
A simple book design in ConTeXt 
  Steve Grathwohl 
TeX and linguistics 
  Steve Peter 
MetaPlot, MetaContour, and other collaborations with MetaPost 
  Brooks Moses 
TeX and scripting languages 
  William Richter 
A bibliographer's toolbox 
  Nelson Beebe 
MetaPost developments 
  Taco Hoekwater 
The Aleph project 
  Giuseppe Bilotta 
The TeX Live 2004 collection 
  Hans Hagen 
News & Announcements
Calendar   112 
TUG 2005, 23–25 August 2005, Wuhan, China   114 
The LaTeX Companion, 2nd edition, by Frank Mittelbach et al.   114 
TUG Business
TUG membership application   115 
Institutional members   116 
TeX consulting and production services   116 
Easy Table, Khanh Ha   117 
River Valley Technologies   118 
MacKichan Software, Inc.   118 
Carleton Production Centre   119 
Cheryl Ponchin Training   119 
TUG Business
Recognition of support from Apple   120 
Personal TeX, Inc.   120 

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