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TUGboat 22:4, December 2001

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Cover   c1 
Blue Sky Research   c3 
Addresses   259-260 
Ya can't touch us! 
  Roy Preston 
General Delivery
From the Board of Directors 
  Arthur Ogawa 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
    The status of TUGboat;     Glitches in TUGboat 22:1/2;     Zapfest exhibition, honoring Hermann Zapf;     Mordecai Richler font;     References for TeX and Friends;     Institut d'Histoire du Livre;     More historic books online at the British Library;     Web document analysis; The little tugboat that could
Electronic Documents
execJS: A new technique for introducing discardable JavaScript into a PDF file from a LaTeX source 
  Donald Story 
LaTeX, SVG, fonts 
  Michel Goossens, Vesa Sivunen 
mimeTex announcement 
  John Forkosh 
Font Forum
Making outline fonts from bitmap images 
  Karl Berry 
Software & Tools
Size reduction of chemical structural formulas in XyMTeX (Version 3.00) 
  Shinsaku Fujita, Nobuya Tanaka 
The package ps4pdf: From PS to PDF 
  Rolf Niepraschk, Herbert Voß 
         (ps4pdf now replaced by pst-pdf)
Instant Preview and the TeX daemon 
  Jonathan Fine 
Graphics Applications
Space geometry with MetaPost 
  Denis Roegel 
The plot functions of pst-plot 
  Jana Voß, Herbert Voß 
Three dimensional plots with pst-3dplot 
  Herbert Voß 
         (pst-3dplot updates available on CTAN)
Axis alignment in Xypic diagrams 
  Alexander R. Perlis 
Eukleides: A geometry drawing language 
  Christian Obrecht 
Book Review
TeX Reference Manual, by David Bausum 
  Stephen Moye 
Hints & Tricks
Glisterings: Checking for an optional argument; String comparisons 
  Peter Wilson 
The treasure chest 
  William Adams 
Highlighting in the LaTeX picture environment 
  David Tulett 
A complement to \smash, \llap, and \rlap 
  Alexander R. Perlis 
Typesetting critical editions of poetry 
  John Burt 
CV formatting with CurVe 
  Didier Verna 
Les Cahiers GUTenberg, Contents of double issue 39/40 (May 2001)   365-367 
News & Announcements
TUG 2002 Announcement   368 
Calendar   369-370 
TUG2003 Announcement   371 
EuroTeX2003—The 14th European TeX Conference   372 
TUG Business
Institutional members   373 
TUG membership application   374 
TeX consulting and production services   375 
Just Published: TeX Reference Manual by David Bausum   376 

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