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TUGboat 20:3, September 1999

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TUG 1999 Proceedings (Vancouver)

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Front cover   c1 
Blue Sky Research   c3 
News & Announcements
TUG2000—The 21st Annual Conference   154 
Editorial Overview
Vancouver in August 
  Christina Thiele 
TUG'99 Program   160-161 
TeX and Math on the Web
Keynote: TeX and the Web in the higher education of the future: Dreams and difficulties 
  Stephen A. Fulling 
MathML: A key to math on the Web 
  Patrick Ion 
TeXML: Typesetting XML with TeX 
  Douglas Lovell 
Using MathType to create TeX and MathML equations 
  Paul Topping 
Models and languages for formatted documents 
  Chris Rowley 
AcroTeX: Acrobat and TeX team up 
  Donald Story 
Customizing Document Layout
Doing it my way: A lone TeXer in the real world 
  Jean-Luc Doumont 
The vulcan package: A repair patch for LaTeX 
  Peter Flynn 
New interfaces for LaTeX class design, Parts I and II 
  David Carlisle, Frank Mittelbach, Chris Rowley 
TeX in Publishing
Multi-use documents: The role of the publisher 
  Kaveh Bazargan 
Very like a nail: Typesetting SGML with TeX 
  Frederick H. Bartlett 
Making a book from contributed papers: Print and Web versions 
  Harry Payne 
Managing large projects with PreTeX: A preprocessor for TeX 
  Robert L. Kruse 
Database publishing with Java and TeX 
  Arthur Ogawa 
Implementing dynamic cross-referencing and PDF with PreTeX 
  Paul A. Mailhot 
A Web-based submission system for meeting abstracts 
  Hu Wang 
Hyphenation on demand 
  Petr Sojka 
Active TeX and the DOT input syntax 
  Jonathan Fine 
Fonts, Graphics, and New Developments
Drawing effective (and beautiful) graphs with TeX 
  Jean-Luc Doumont 
Convenient labelling of graphics, the WARMreader way 
  Wendy McKay, Ross Moore 
Viewing DVI files with Acrobat Reader: DVIPDF gives birth to AcroDVI 
  Sergey Lesenko, Laurent Siebenmann 
MathKit: Alternatives to Computer Modern Mathematics 
  Alan Hoenig 
fpTeX: A teTeX-based distribution for Windows 
  Fabrice Popineau 
Managing TeX software development projects 
  Jeffrey McArthur 
Java and TeX 
  Timothy Murphy 
Barbara N. Beeton: TUG Board member for 20 years 
  Christina Thiele 
Poster Exhibition
Text of "The Apocalypse" as graphics, by Prof. Alban Grimm 
  Christina Thiele 
Text of "The Apocalypse" as graphics 
  Alban Grimm 
LaTeX to XML/MathML 
  Eitan Gurari, Sebastian Rahtz 
How to create quality interactive PDF documents for the WWW using LaTeX 
  Donald Story 
Writing class files: First steps 
  Michael Doob 
Converting a LaTeX 2.09 style to a LaTeX2e class 
  Anita Hoover 
TeX and math on the Web 
  Stephen A. Fulling 
TeX in publishing 
  Kaveh Bazargan 
The Future of LaTeX 
  Arthur Ogawa 
TUG Business
TUG'99 Attendees   327-328 
News & Announcements
Calendar   329-330 
An Analogy with Web Sites 
  Roy Preston 
News & Announcements
GUTenberg2000—LaTeX and XML: Cooperating with the Internet   331 
TUG Business
Institutional members   332 
TUG membership application   333 
TeX consulting and production services   334 
Cambridge University Press   335 
Y&Y Inc.   336 

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